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Re: agitation or agitate

Both are fine and equally feasible to my ear.

You ask quite a lot of questions on this forum and regularly use 'shall'. What do you mean by 'shall'?

In this case, do you mean the test chamber will have the capability....(i.e. it is not built yet)?

Or, do you mean the test chamber would have the capability...(i.e. if a certain condition exists)?

There is much confusion over shall and will in English and the rules are complicated, not agreed and undergoing change, in my view.

You use of shall is a little odd. What do you mean exactly?

Re: Re: agitation or agitate

It is a condition that has to be fulfilled:
The test chamber shall (must) have the capability of agitating the test dust. (Otherwise you are not allowed to use the test chamber for this particular test)

"shall" means "must" or "has to".

Where I work we don´t use the word "must" in written language, we use "shall" instead.

Re: Re: Re: agitation or agitate

Okay, that fits.