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Although the police ______ every precaution, the robber managed to escape.

(A) take
(B) takes
(C) has taken
had taken

2. The boys ______ television every night unless they have homework.


(B) watches
(C) watched
(D) watching

3. Maria ______ an appointment to see the doctor. It is at 10.00 am. tomorrow.

(A) make
(B) makes
(C) made
has made

4. They ______ when they are ready.

(A) come
(B) came
will come

(D) have come

5. Judy ______ watching horror films although she has nightmares afterwards.

(A) like

(C) liked
(D) will like

6. It ______ every afternoon for the past week. The weather forecast predicts rain for next week too.

(A) is raining
(B) was raining
has been raining

(D) had been raining

7. I ______ the door before I realized that the keys were inside the house.

(A) lock
(B) locked
(C) has locked
had locked

8. When Sally ______ her first pay, she bought presents for her parents.

(A) receive

(C) has received
(D) had received

9. It's lovely to wake up in the morning and ______ birds singing.


(B) hears
(C) heard
(D) hearing

10. Aaron ______ $80.00 for that bag.

(A) pay

(C) pays
(D) paying

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