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help with analysis.

could someone help me analysis these paragraphs by breaking them down, highlighting all grammatical features like sentence types, noun/verb types and lexical semantics, I only need a few per para, thanks.

'Maybe they'll ease the concerns by making another vow, to give Scotland even more extensive powers, and then take a bit more away. Then they can keep doing this until Scotland is owned by a Saxon warlord and Glasgow has to provide 200 knights a month to fight the Normans.'
'The Liberal Democrats combine the technique with a surly sorry, that appears as heartfelt as when a teenager breaks a promise about vacuuming the living room. So whenever the issue is raised of how the trebled the tuition fees they pledged to abolish, they say: "Oh for God's sake I said sorry didn't I? I'll say it again shall I? Sorry! There. Happy now?"'