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Please advise me.

In order to understand English better, I am trying to write complete positive sentences by changing their verb with different forms of verb tenses, aspects, moods, voices, etc.
For example: I cook. She cooks well. We will cook. He may cook. I should have cooked. I did cook. I wish I could cook as well as you. He must be cooking now. She might have cooked. Let me cook. What a nice cookery book! How tasty it is! So tasty is it! May this dinner be delicious! If I have time tonight, I will bake some cake.

The aim of doing this research is to include and compile all the grammar or rules in those sample sentences as I can, to compare English with Mongolian language as well.
In our language, it seems like we write or say a verb with hundreds of different ways/meanings. Probably it will take time; however, I will do my best. I am aiming to use one rule of grammar only one time in each sentence without repeating.
Are there any useful websites or sources for this kind of research work? Could you please give me some advice on it? What should I consider?

Thank you for your time!
Kind regards,