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diffrence between gerund and participle

plz plz can you give answer of my some questions????????????????????????????????????

if yes so they are
Q. what is gerund and particple
1.the barking dog scared the child
2.he herd something howling in the forest
3.i prefer reading to anything else
4.she is often called the dancing queen
5.dancing is a good excercise

Re: diffrence between gerund and participle

May I suggest that you resubmit your question taking account of the following:

1. Use the word "please", not "plz"; the latter is not good English.

2. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop (period in AmE).

3. Questions are terminated with a question mark.

4. Check your spelling in your examples 2. and 5.

If you do that, I'll be pleased to help you.