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Dec 25, 2016 - 10:31AM
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Hi Paul,
I made a mistake.
It would be " Happy birth day a person who lives of half of the
world " .
I try to use word "of" and "of" .
Is possible to use preposition "of" after verb "lives"
and "of"after adjective"half". I just want to know a grammar

Sorry Paul I'm English beginner.
Thank Paul

Re: grammar

What are you trying to say? It still doesn't make sense. If we can formulate your sentence, then Mr. Matthews will be better able to answer your queries.

" Happy birth day a person...
" Happy birthday to a person...

who lives of half of the
world " .
Do you mean to write: "...who lives off..." ?

What is this person doing? Can you write "...who lives of/off half of the world" in different words.

Re: grammar

Thank you Garvais,
I means I live in Viet Nam , She lives in the USA.

Can I write Happy Birth day a person who lives far of half of the world?.

Re: grammar

Ah! Now I understand.

Happy Birthday
to a person who lives far off, half a world away.

Re: grammar

Thank you very much Garvais