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From: Gamal Mohamed Hussein
Post : Supervisior of English
Sent : Thursday, January 26, 2017


L.G.Alexander wrote the following in his book "Excel in English":

We can use the past perfect to describe the first of two actions. With before we have a number of possibilities, according to the speaker's viewpoint:
A) The patient died before the doctor had arrived.
B) The patient had died before the doctor had arrived.

What's the difference between A and B, or what's the speaker's viewpoint?
(In B we have two past perfect tenses)

The following are sentences taken from articles online:

Why 'being' not 'having been' is used:

Thank you for (being) a valued subscriber since November 9, 2012.

Why 'is' not 'are' is used:

There (is) an emotional component and a logical component.
Only happiness and joy (is) outpouring from the experience

Which is correct :

A) It’s a while since I’ve done a recommendation
B) It’s been a while since I did a recommendation

I hope you( have enjoyed or enjoyed) this newsletter

Is it correct to say " He will be too happy to answer any questions."
I know 'too…to' is used with negative adjectives.

Best wishes,

Gamal Hussein

Re: grammar

This appears to be duplicate of your earlier questions.