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Who or whom?

Is it ... To who?
Or it ... To whom?

Re: Who or whom?

It could be either, depending on the role of the pronoun in the sentence.

Here are all the cases for the pronouns "who / whom":

(1) "Whom Who wrote that book?" (subject: nominative only)

(2) "Whom / who did Ed meet in town?" (object of verb: accusative or nominative)

(3) "To whom / who is he talking?" (object of fronted prep: accusative only)

(4) "Whom / who is he talking to?" (object of stranded prep: accusative or nominative)

(5) "Who / whom is he?" (predicative complement: nominative only)


- when it is object of the verb, as in (2), both cases are found, but "whom" is formal; "who" is preferred in conversational English by most people.

- when the preposition is stranded, as in (4), "who" is strongly favoured.