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about the patter "the+comparative"


In this sentence, "The harder you work, the more you gain," what function does "the" perform? Is it a conjunction?

Thank you for explaining this to me!!

Re: about the patter "the+comparative"

The harder you work, the more you gain".

No, "the" is not a conjunction; its function is that of modifier.

This is a correlative comparative construction in which the "paired" correlative phrases are underlined.

The first clause the harder you work is a subordinate clause functioning as an adjunct.

The modifier "the" modifies the two comparative words "harder" and "more".

Have I explained that clearly enough?


Re: about the patter "the+comparative"

Thank you so much! Paul!

Re: about the patter "the+comparative"

So, can I say that "the" is an adverb? Thanks!

Re: about the pattern "the+comparative"

No, it's not an adverb; it's a determinative functioning as a modifier in the phrases "the harder" and "the more".

I know it seems like an adverb, but it keeps its status as a determinative irrespective of how it is functioning.