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Describing an older sibling

I have an older brother who is 7 years my senior.
Is he is 7 years older to me? OR 7 years older than me?
How correct is "7 years elder than me?, OR 7 years elder to me?

Re: Describing an older sibling

A/ There are 2 levels in making comparison:

1/ The comparative: Preposition THAN is used to make comparison between two things/people.

- One syllable adjectives (e.g: young, old, rich etc.):
Subject + am/is/are + ADJECTIVE + ER + THAN + object
Ex: He is my brother. He is 2 years younger than me.
They are richer than our neighbours.
- Two or more syllable adjectives:(e.g: narrow, beautiful, handsome etc.):
Subject + am/is/are + MORE + adjective + THAN + object
Ex: John is more handsome than Neil.
- BUT: good = BETTER THAN ; bad = WORSE THAN
Ex: His English is much better than mine.
My mother's health has become worse recently.

2/ The superlative: The article THE is put before the superlative adjectives and we add EST after the one syllable adjectives (e.g: the eldest; oldest; newest etc.) and MOST before the two or more syllable ones (e.g: the most handsome; the most beautiful etc.) BUT the best; the worst.

Ex: She is the youngest sister in the family.
Diana is the most beautiful girl in the party.

B/ We use ELDER or OLDER to talk about the members of the family.

Ex: He is my elder/older brother. He is 3 years older (NOT elder) than me.