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Shall and will

My friend writes: "Pain will pass, but pride will last forever." It looks correct, but the sentence "feels" awkward. Wouldn't it be better to write: Pain shall pass; but pride will last forever?

what do you think?

Re: Shall and will

Pain will / shall pass, but pride will last forever.

Your friend is right; "shall" would be quite wrong.

Traditionally, to express futurity, "shall" is used for 1st person subjects and "will" for 2nd/3rd person subjects. The reverse applies where the meaning is one of volition.

In your example, "pain" is a 3rd person subject and since the verb expresses futurity, not volition, it really should be "will".


Re: Shall and will

um, sure buddy. A Simple forum for all us plain folk would be appricieatted.