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I live in a four bedroom house, is four bedroom an adjective in this sentence?

Re: Adjectives

No, "four bedroom" is not an adjective. It's a noun phrase functioning as a modifier of the noun "house". The phrase consists of the determinative "four" + the noun "bedroom".

Nouns accept a very range of modifiers, including of course adjectives, for example:

Attributive modifiers

a long letter (adjective)
another two candidates (determinative)
a brick wall (noun)
a sleeping child (verb)

Post-head modifiers

the tree by the gate. (preposition phrase)
people fond of animals.(adjective phrase)
the opera Carmen (appositive noun)
a rug this colour (noun phrase)
the guy who spoke first. (finite clause)
students living on campus (non-finite clause)

(A cautionary note: some 'Mickey Mouse' grammar books and websites call everything that modifies a noun an adjective. That is of course ridiculous, and such ideas have no place in serious grammar.)

Does that help?