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Transitive or Intransitive verb

A co-worker and I have a disagreement on the use of "develops" vs "develop" and "implements" vs "implement". I believe you get the gist.

That NAF Romania develops an energy security plan.

That NAF Romania implements a revised risk communication plan with an improved risk assessment associated with the shutdown of the Wagu Incinerator Complex.

That Public Works Department Ukraine ensures the permanent assignment of fuel tank management oversight and compliance duties.

That Public Works Department Ukraine fills three vacant Environmental Division positions in order to improve hazardous waste management and compliance.

Thank you in assisting with this dispute.


Transitive or Intransitive verb

Re: Transitive or Intransitive verb

Before I answer your question, in each of your examples, does the word "that" refer to something, or is a clause subordinator?


Re: Transitive or Intransitive verb


In my opinion "that" is an unnecessary usage by the writer, but I have been overruled. I believe "that" refers to the "something" which are the installations and departments.

Thank you.