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basic grammar explanation


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I am an native english speaker who would like to attempt teaching english to my kids... extremely rusty on explaining grammar rules

How can i dissect the following sentences into grammar rules? and how can i explain the movement of the words in the answer?

Where is Lynn moving to?
Where - question word??
is_ verb to be
Lynn - subject
moving - verb present progressive
to?? - preposition??

Lynn is moving to Greece.
Lynn - subject
is - verb to be
moving - verb present progressive
Greece - noun?


Re: basic grammar explanation

In modern scholarly grammar, every phrase and word in a sentence is given two labels: a category (part of speech) label e.g. noun, adjective, adverb, verb etc., and a function label e.g. subject, object, predicator, complement etc.

Now let's apply those labels to your first example:

Where is Lynn moving to?

"Where": interrogative adverb functioning as complement of the preposition "to".

Is moving to where: verb phrase functioning as predicate.

Is: auxiliary verb functioning as predicator.

Lynn noun functioning as subject.

Moving: gerund-participle verb functioning as predicator.

To: preposition functioning as head of PP "to where".

Now you have a bash at your second example and I'll check it!

(note: some grammars take "where" to be a preposition)