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non finite verbs

explain non finite verbs with illustrations

Re: non finite verbs

firstly, review what Finite Verbs are:

Further down that same page, you will see a link to Non-finite Verbs.

Re: non finite verbs

Two preliminary points:

1. Remember to use punctuation. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

2. When asking a question, remember to be polite and use the word please. We don't respond to commands.

Now, to answer your question. Virtually all verbs in English have a six-term paradigm comprising the set of inflectional forms.

Three of the forms occur in finite clauses, the other three in non-finite clauses. Take the verb "walk", for example:

Finite forms:

Preterite: She walked home.
Present tense 3rd sing: She walks home.
Present tense plain : They walk home.

Non-finite forms:

Plain form: She should walk home.
Gerund-participle: She is walking home.
Past participle: She has walked home.

Have I explained that clearly enough?