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Adverbial Phrase Sentence Starter

what is an adverbial phrase sentence starter. can someone give me an example?

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Preliminary point: please use proper punctuation. Note that sentences begin with a capital letter and end with some kind of terminal point: What is an adverbial phrase sentence starter? Can someone please give me an example?

Are you asking about the kind of construction found in examples like these?:

Having read the report, I can see what the problem is.
All things considered, it was a reasonable result.
His hands gripping the door, he let out a volley of curses.

The underlined expressions are called supplementary adjuncts in pre-subject position.

Note, by the way, that the term 'adjunct' is more appropriate than 'adverbial', and they are clauses not phrases.


Re: Adverbial Phrase Sentence Starter


Then, for more, Google
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