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Optative, Infinitive,and Participle Mood :-( please help

What is Optative, Infinitive, and Participle mood?

Re: Optative, Infinitive,and Participle Mood :-( please help

These are NOT moods in English. Where are you getting this stuff from?:


A minor clause type that expresses wishes.

It typically occurs with "may", such as "May you both enjoy a long and happy retirement"; "May you be forgiven", and in formulaic subjunctives like "Long live the Emperor"; "God save the Queen", and so on.

Infinitive (infinitival)

A subordinate clause construction containing a plain form of the verb, e.g. "To turn back now would be a mistake"; "You should take legal advice".


A verb-form consisting of either a present participle with an ing suffix: "I am walking there", or a past participle typically with an ed suffix: "I have walked there", though there are other suffixes such as (e)n: "I have taken the file" ; "Kim has eaten all the pie".