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acronyms and conjunctions

Why do some parts of speech such as conjunctions, interjections and prepositions not have acronyms or synonyms? Thanks.

Re: acronyms and conjunctions

Why should they? What is the point of your question?


Re: acronyms and conjunctions

Language develops, with words added to the language, as the need to convey more specific information occurs. You might just as well ask, why doesn't the language of natives on a tropical island in the South Pacific have a word for 'snow'.

In fact, we do have antonyms for prepositions:
on / off
inside / outside
over / under :: synonyms : above / below
on top of / underneath

synonyms for conjunctions:
as / since
because / for

You meant 'antonym;, not 'acronym'; and I wonder if you really meant 'interjections'