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How to use Why question

Hi sir ,
With Why question . After why we use auxilary, to be, do does did. Can we use nown
after that.
Exemple: 1 Why is summer hot ?
2. Why summer is hot?.
Which one is correct?

Re: How to use Why question

No. A linking verb, or an auxiliary verb, or the 'dummy' auxiliary verb ('do does, did') always comes before the noun:
Why is summer hot? ('is' is a linking verb.)
Why do people get sunburn? ('do' is the dummy auxiliary verb.)
Why have you asked this question? ('have' is an auxiliary verb.)

Why, in God's name, are you forever hunched over that computer instead of outside in the sun? : 'in God's name' is an interpolation between 'why' and 'are', shown by the use of commas.

Re: How to use Why question

It's all about something called subject-auxiliary inversion.

In English the subject, which is normally a noun or noun phrase, precedes the verb. But when we form questions the positions are reversed. Consider your example:

(1) "Summer is hot".

(2) "Why is summer hot?"

In both examples, the noun "summer" is the subject and the verb is the auxiliary "is". In (1) the subject occurs before the verb as expected. But adding the non-subject question word "why" at the beginning in (2) triggers what we call subject-auxiliary inversion, where the subject and the auxiliary verb swap places (invert), so now the auxiliary verb "is" precedes the subject, i.e. the noun "summer".