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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, whom President-elect Barack Obama has asked to stay on in his current position, today suggested he is open to speeding up U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center, two of Obama's stated goals.

As the Associated Press reports, Gates said in a press conference that military commanders are now looking at how they might pull troops out in accordance with the 16-month timetable pushed by Obama during his presidential campaign.

"Commanders are already looking at what the implications of that are in terms of the potential for accelerating the drawdown and in terms of how we meet our obligations to the Iraqis," Gates said.

As the AP notes, "although he has repeatedly insisted that any drawdown in Iraq must be based on security conditions there, Gates said he now finds the 16-month time frame agreeable, since Obama has said he will listen to his commanders and pull forces out responsibly." He pointed out that the new security agreement in Iraq had changed the situation for the U.S.

The only Republican thus far named to Obama's cabinet also said he would work with Congress on legislation resulting in the closing of the Guantanamo Bay facility.

And he addressed the fact that for the past two years, he has talked repeatedly of his intension to leave Washington at the end of President Bush's term.

"I guess I would say that I was engaged in my own form of strategic deterrence," Gates said, according to the AP. "It was my hope that if I made enough noise about how much I did not want to stay here and how much I wanted to go back to the Northwest that I wouldn't have to worry about the question ever being asked." But when asked, he said, he could not say no.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

I think that this post might just go along with John R's post on complete sentences.

Gates might just have realized what an opportunity it will be working for someone that actually has a Brain!

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

I saw an interview with Gates last night, that gave me hope that Obama can put our country back in a position where we are looked up to people all around the globe. Gates mentioned that in the 50+ countries he has visited since becoming defense secretary, he has seen again and again a desire from leaders in those nations to develop a better relationship with the US. I know Obama has a rough road in front of him, but I think he is the right man for the job.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Jinxie .Hussien has called for invading phsically invading Pakistan. Pakistan's President has said his country would resist any outright invasion of his country and the people wiil resist also. Now if the ONE orders 40 50 thousand u s soldiers to invade the northwest part of Pakistan. and we lose 10 thousand soldiers in that invasion. Then what will you say about how smart the ONE is. Of course you and every democrat will lay the blame at the feet of Bush. Or do you think that the ONE's complexion will cause all the taliban and alqueda to rush to him.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Hey Duane we invaded Iraq didn't we ?

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Yep, we invaded, physically invaded, Iraq for nothing.

The truth is that Quano, having watched his heroes Cheney and Bush screw the pooch on catching our attackers, now resists the idea that anyone else would have the guts to actually do what Bush once claimed that he would do - get Al-Queda.

Quano has been against going after Al-Queda all along. His reason? Because it would be hard and dangerous. Germany would still own France if dim bulbs like Quano had been in charge during WWII - invading France would have been just too hard and dangerous.

But what the hell, Quano has long ago shown that fear is his major motivator.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Jaqui you are full of **** as usual and not even a good grade of ****. why in hell do you think roosevelt censured everything coming from the war zones in WW2. he did it so the anmerican people didnt know just how costly the war was in terms of american lives.Idiots like you would have wanted to stop the war. Its gutless wonders like you that would let the u s be left wide open for attacks. If the ONE does invade Pakistan and we lose 10, 000 men . What will you or any one here say?You dont and didnt like the idea of removing saddam because he was a good friend of yours . He kept you informed of his every action. You intinmated as much yourself many times. You also intimated that you knew osama Bin ladin's exact location. The One did too so did old rewriter of history Joe binbiden. But none of you will tell the U S armed forces. Friendships run deep dont they?

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Jaqui Pakistan has a lot of people a relativly large army.
Everything that is used in Pakistan has to come threw the Port of karachi. If you and the ONE invade pakistan do yiou think that the President of pakistan is going to cede the port and all the territory around it up to the afghan border? How many american troops would it take to control all of that territoty?
!00 , 000 200, 000. how many?
also Pakistan has Nuclear weapons. How would you advise the ONE to take those weapons out. A massive strike with nuclear missles? A airborne attack ? How would YOU be sure that YOU had taken all of those missles out. Pakistan hasnt said just how many they have. But you can be sure that american forces in afghanistan would be well within range of those missles. Do you (military genious that you are) courtesy of that butter bar the Army GAVE you 40 yrs.
Are you and the ONE willing to accept the deaths of all those americans?
Id much rather the american forces continue taking out al queda and taliban leaders and their troops with UAVS.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Duane you seem to be very scared, seems President Bush's "fear tactics" worked on you very well. Learn to relax a little please.

ps: your English is improving, now learn to spell

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Mike, the sad truth is that Quano is both a coward and a mental midget. He has just enough vision to see to the end of his finger. And he seems to have no memory or understanding of history at all.

And the idea of nukes apparently make his bowels run loose. That is the reason that he is always insisting that liberals would surrender the country - because he knows in his cowardly little heart that he would do exactly that before he would face his fears and do the hard stuff that needed doing.

Never forget that it was Quano who said that the U.S. would have had no choice but to surrender to the Russians had the Russians succeeded in getting nukes onto Cuba. Never mind that he is too ignorant to know that the Russians DID succeed in doing just that. Just consider the mindset that would so easily accept surrender just because of the possibility of a threat - that is Quano.

No matter how he blusters, deep down in his heart, the guy is a coward - that is why the idea of terrorists scares the **** out of him so badly.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Jaqueline if you read anything at all about oct 1962. You would know the soviets didnt get those missles Operational. some of them were in cuba . The russians were buss very very buys getting the launch pads ready.
But the naval blockade kennedy put in place prevented them from getting those pads ready. Plus the united states was so much more powerful the the soviets.
You are very courageous when it someone elses son daughter grandsons. You are more than illing to sacrificeother peoples family. I have a suggestion for you. You have sons grandsons. Why not have you your sons your grandchildren jump onto that pakistani nuclear complex rom 200 feet to destroy it.Are you willg to do that. You re willing to have lots of other americans die needlessly, as will happen when Hussiebns Islamic terrorists allow you to follow them as they MURDER Americans . You will be so proud pointing out americans for them to nurder.
Another thing you and your family can do. Go right into Osma's camp. You must know where that is. Capture r kill him.
I told you how you can find me you chicken**** . 131 blaine steet shelby Montana phne 406 434 5620.
Or tell me how i can find you . I'll come diown there unarmed . You can have your favorite weapon ak47 and i'll even turn my back on you because i know you are a quivering piece of jello if you ever were confronted by a man.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Ah, Quano, you ridiculous phony-assed blowhard. You stick your head in the sand and are unwilling to risk American soldiers in pursuit of the people who attacked America - but You have sure as hell been willing to cheer on the killing of American kids in Iraq on for the last several years.

For your information, you phony pile of dog ****, my sons have done their service. And I have no doubts that if it is required of my grandsons when they come of age, they will do what is required of them, too.

You dare to speak to me about being brave with other people's blood - I tell you straight that Amercian kids should never be sent to die unless America will gain something from their sacrifice. You and asswipes like you cheer on the waste of our American soldiers in Iraq because it makes you feel tough or some other phony b.s. while letting you still feel safe.

And I tell you, too, that I despise cowards like you who are too god**** afraid to do what is necessary to take on the real enemy but who are willing to kill American soldiers punishing people who didn't have a ****ed thing to do with 9/11.

And I again thank whatever powers that be that the cowards like you who were not around when it came to take on the Nazis or the Japanese in WWII. Otherwise, there would be a lot fewer countries in the world.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Jaqui good for your sons service. But that still doesnt mean that you ddnt want Saddam hussien removed from Power likely because you would gain from him being in Power.
For your innformation in 1962 i was classified as a 4F. Medically unfit for service. In July of 1965 i requested to be inducted. this time i passed.
You and everyone else here says that YOU know exactly what saddam hussien was doing. i dont doubt that he had you in his confidence in every way. Tell me and everyone else just how close you were to one of the most brutal murderous dictators the world has ever seen. Now iraq and the people of iraq have a chance to have a free prosperous life. That what you dont like people being able to live their lives in freedom.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

My position on Iraq has never altered. If it was up to me, I would not see a single American killed to make an Iraqi's life better. Given the misery of the populations in most of the world's countries, that is a rididculous standard for sending American troops into combat.

I would have been happy to arm and finance groups within Iraq so that they could get up off their asses and make their own lives better - something that you seem to endorse for Americans, but that you seem to think is to much to expect of Iraqis.

Once again, you are just another phony blowhard, pretending that you give a tiny little **** about the suffering of the Iraqis or anyone else.

Re: Gates: I'll Work Towards Obama Goals

Duane I care more about all the American citizens who suffered tragedies since this war on terror started, such as those who lost their loved ones on 9-11, lost loved ones and their belongings from leives breaking down, hurricanes, floods, forrest fires, mud slides which displaced thousands upon thousands of lives.

Our National Guard troops should have been here doing what they do best, protecting and assisting Americans on American soil.