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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Dems want to sieze private property!

A dem NY congressmen. Maurice Hinchey called for siezing oil refinerys in the United States. Joining Maxine Waters coming right out in the open advocating soviet style repression of the american people. and their right to own their own homes own stock in corporations. For it is americans as individuals as owners of pension funds as church members and as free americans who own these evil free enterprise companys that have provided good paying jobs for americans. Mr hinchey nor Ms waters made no mention of just how or IF. Any american would be compensated for the seizure of their property. They ( the democrats) would probablly follow the example of hugo chavez Mao tse dund Nicolai Lenis Josef stalin and just take the property. then next will be collective farms as in the ukraine in the 1930s . that caused the deaths from famine and outright killing of 25-30 million owners of private property in Russia. To make the policys of stalin a sucess. Not. For those policys caused the old soviet union to be unable to feed itself. This is what waters and Hinchey want for every american. And no doubt soon all democrats will come out in favor of

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

duane please provide links to your posts

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

Mike ivy if you watch the news. you will see this. it was fox news. Naturaly socalled MSM . abc nbc cbs will not report anything that might show up the democrats for tier anti american ideas. But fox news does. fox news calls it the way it is shows these democrata spewing their venom.

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

Hell if were just oil refinerys that would be great. Maybe the greedy oil companies might learn a lesson about gouging.

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

duane what I have come up with is that faux [fox] news never mentioned anything about this, besides further checking around the web for your subject matter that "The report simply mentions government owned refineries"

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

Mike ivy i watched this hinchey say that "maybe it would be bettet if we( the govt) owned the refinerys. Now im sure that the we he was refering to is himself and other democrats for that is exactly what he meant.
At present there are no govt owned refinerys. He made no mention of the people who presently own stock ( ownership in the private companys). How he would compensate those stockholders. The pension funds , the retirees , the school districts that own that stock. I very much doubt that neither he Maxine waters or any other democrat have any thought about those people. In my mind these two waters and hinchey are speaking for the democrat party.
No doubt they will compensate TAA-REE-SA Hieinz and her boytoy Horse face hanoi john for their stock value . maybe even The clintons. and of course barack HUSSIEN obama.
But if the democrats can make this expropreation of private property reality. it will be just the beginning. Collective farms will be next. Fior look at how farmers are profiting from the high grain prices. Democrats will not allow anyone to make a profit. They will control every aspect of american life. Waht every one says . what everyone can read. what all americans can think . every thing.

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

Mike Its here or just go to Google News "Maurice Hinchey".

Keep in mind its World Net Daily never has been a Dem friendly newspaper. Very Conservative to say the least.

Maurice Hinchey did make the statement because of the Oil Companies Lolly-gagging on the way they just sit on millions of dollars of Oil Leases and run refineries at 80%.

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

Jinx the oil industry doesnt sit on leases . They pay money for the right to EXPLORE for the oil. It is very expensive to do that. They have to first try to determine if there is any oil underneath. The chances of oil being under any given location are less than fifty percent.
No one would invest billions of dollars in an industrial plant and then not operate as effiecently as possible Right now a company is planning on building a 10 billion dollar refinery in south dakota.
It was approved by the people of south dakota but it could still be derailed by dem-communist federal judges in Ca.
But to get back to oil leases. Those leases are just for the right to explore and for a specified period of time. If oil is found then more negociations take place to determine the royaltys paid to the moneral rights holders. If the dumbocrats taqke control of the minerals in this country . Do you honestly think Maurice hinchey Maxine waters harry ried max baucas. Nancy pelosi would pay the owners of the mineral rights ( and in this country now most mineral rights are privately held or held by the states) anything at all for that valuable property.

Re: Dems want to sieze private property!

That company you speak of is Hyperion. Your right if they do have to face a Ca. Judge they are in for a hard time.

But after the things that they have pulled over the years in Ca. and after all the times they they have had to face law suits they deserve it.

Hyperion is responsible from everything from dumping millions of gallons of pollutants in the Pacific ocean and then not even telling the people that use the beaches to filling toxic pools with no liners then covering it up and selling off three parcels of that land to build new housing and two elementary schools and then were protected by the Republican Legislators of California.

Companies like Hyperion are the reason that Cal. EPA Standards are so strict!

I wish the people of SD alot of luck because the speech that Hyperion gave them was a carbon copy of the one that they gave us in Cal. 20 years ago, "Our plant is state of the art, there will be NO ODOR, NOISE NO DANGER,etc..etc..etc..Bla..Bla.."