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Obama's 143 Days of Senate Experience
Posted by Cheri Jacobus
May 5, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Just how much Senate experience does Barack Obama have in terms of
actual work days? Not much.

From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to
the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory
committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how
many days the Senate was actually in session and working.

After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be
Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of
Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.

143 days -- I keep leftovers in my refrigerator longer than that.

In contrast, John McCain's 26 years in Congress, 22 years of military
service including 1,966 days in captivity as a POW in Hanoi now seem
more impressive than ever. At 71, John McCain may just be hitting his


Re: ?

And as far as i have read about him there is no record of him ever having a real job. his biological father abandhoned he and his mother to go to harvard. a very expensive college even in the 1960's 70's. His mother married a moslem man from indonesia.
Then sent him to live with his white grandparents in hawaii. He was supposedly born in hawaii but i can find no record of his birth anywehere. Its possible that only the person involved can get a certified copy of a birth certificate according to the laws of hawaii. Now if so why hasnt he done that and show all the world that official stamp. I can do that i have an official copy of mine. Did he ever have a real job? Did he ever produce any thing useful? in the books he wrote he says he changed the names of the people who knew him way back when for their privacy , was it . Or were the name changed so as to make it impossible to track them down. I have read that he had contact with known communists. I'll have to look somemore to get the names.

Re: ?

Jeffro....I don't care if Obama has never been in Washington DC....this country needs a change...McCain is just more Bush...We need to do something before we don't have a country!!


Re: ?

Joy i agree but in the same process we need to pay attention to the do nothing Congrees that has a approval rateing of last report of 19%.

The whole bunch up there are out of touch with the Average American not just the ovale office.

I don't just blame one i blame them all who's duty is to serve this country.

It's a sorry sad situation at best.

And give your vet son my best.

Re: ?

jpoy the only change Hussien obama will bring will be for the bad. He was as jeffro said 143 days. He has never had a job. He somehow got someone to furnish the money it took to go to harvard. he wont fiurnish his birth certificate to prove he was born in the united states. The united states needs energy. The united states has it locked up in oil deposits all over this country. Hussien obama says it will taske ten years to bring it to market . he knows nothing. as i said he has never had a job. Never fixed anything never delivered a paper. The al queda is being defeated by our soldiers . Just today they used a WOMAN to murder 15 innocent people in Iraq. Obama will encourage murders like that and mureders here in the united states.
He has said it will take 10 years to bring oil to market, he knoes nothing about anything no democrat does. Here in montans when a well is drilled that is productive in matter of days it is online feeding opil into the system. And it could bhe almost taht fast in the gulf of mexico ANWAR and anywhere the only thing that slows it down are the useless democrat regulations meant to do just that.

Re: ?

He received scholarships and took out loans. He made mention of the fact that after his book "Audacity of Hope" him and his wife were finally able to pay off their college loans.

Also I would really like to see a well drilled and put into Full production "In a Matter of days".

More than that I gotta see one done in the Gulf in Deep water. If that be the case seems to me that the Oil Companies would be Drilling like Hole Rats in the 1.7 Million Acres open to them in area 181. Its been open to them for 2 years.

"In a Matter of days"

The Next thing I guess I'm going to hear is that 150 to 200 million Americans are going to be Exterminated if a Dem gets in the White House!

Re: ?

Typical political junk the vote for me routine and this is what I will do, guess what he or who ever gets into office won't do a **** thing if it doesn't get passed the house or the senate. Typical political BS.

Re: ?

Uhmmm, yep, time in D.C. is real important for presidential candidates, isn't it? I mean, look at all the experience that Shrub had. Or, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, for that matter.

As for tht birth certificate hoax that Duane is trying to run, he is simply lying through his ass as usual. I posted it on Russ's site before Russ went ballistic and banned me from posting there (erased all of my earlier posts, too). Being proved a liar over and over just got to be too much, I reckon

Doesn't seem to bother Duane, though. I reckon that he he has accepted his own lies long enough to be used to having others recognize them. Poor Russ seems to have been in the stage where he still prefers to pretend that he is speaking truth.

Re: ?

JACQUI that certificate copy you posted does not have an official stamped seal on it. When i appled for social security my birth certificate copy had to have the stamp form the county before social security would acceptit. This has the seal of the state of hawaii on it only. To be legal it has to have the stamp like a notary stamp. What you posted could have been easily made up.
Even to get all of the money it would take to go to harvard . Then the law school that would nave taken 100s of thousands of dollars. Somebody put the money ofr the influence to get him there . Who? Anobody just doesnt walk into a bank and get that kind of money if if they are the moslem messiah and have a glow about them. Juinx i have seen oil wells drilled put into production and flowlines laid to the storage tanks in a matter of days. If yiou recall when the alaska pipeline was first proposed . all the experts like you and jacqui said it couldnt be done. They kept from being done for sevwral years. But once the AMERICAN COMPANYS WORKERS wer allowed to go to work it was completed in 3 years through some of the most forbidding terrain in the world. The only thing holding americans from securing our energy supplies are the wimpy limp wristed liberals like you too
When all the oil wells in kuwait were burning the very same experts said the wells couldnt be put out.
Kuiwait hired american companys and american workers the fires were out in about one months time. So much for phony experts like you see on t. v and like barackHUSSIENobams.

Re: ?

Yeah, and you could be a transvestite who likes to wear Vegas showgirl outfits.

If I was going to rig somthing, it would have been just as easy to make up something with a seal.

What you are truly saying is that you will continue to lie and spread untruths because there is no fact or truth that will shake your position.

I can certainly understand why you find the right wingers so appealing.

Re: ?

The seals are a notary stamp, affixed when you obtain a hard copy of your birth certificate. This is so you willhave proof that it is real when you show it - to the VA, or DMV, for instance. I'm assuming this was copied off the internet. It would not be notorized. It probably could not be used for identification. This is to protect us all. What is to stop someone from using Duane's, or my, Birth certificate for illegal identification, if every Tom, Dick, and Harry could obtain a notarized copy off of the web.

Re: ?

Duane, guess you missed this article posted.

The oil-drilling solution
By Jay Bookman | Thursday, June 19, 2008, 11:37 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

We’ve gone over this before, but since it seems to be taking on new political importance, let’s review:

Would opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other coastal areas to oil drilling have any effect on gasoline prices, as many politicians claim?

No, it would not. For one thing, oil companies already hold a backlog of leases on offshore areas that they haven’t begun to tap, in part because of a global shortage of drilling equipment. They face no shortage of domestic areas waiting to be exploited.

On the other hand, it’s true that drilling technology has improved, and that environmental risks of offshore drilling are much lower than a generation ago. So we probably could begin to assess on a case-by-case basis whether to someday open areas now off-limits to drilling.

However, that would not lower gas prices and it would not alter our basic strategic energy situation. Here’s why:

Take ANWR as an example. Many Americans would be surprised to learn that oil produced from ANWR would be sold to Americans at whatever the global price for oil happened to be. There’s no “hometown discount” - U.S. consumers would pay 100 percent of the global price for ANWR oil, just as we do today for oil produced from Alaska, Texas or the Gulf of Mexico.

That’s because all oil produced in this country goes into the world oil market. All oil sold in this country is bought off the world oil market. The only way to change that would be to nationalize our oil industry.

So there’s only one way that opening ANWR and other areas could lower the price of gasoline here in the United States: It would have to put enough “new oil” on the global market to drive down the price of oil worldwide.

A newly released study by the federal Energy Information Administration says that simply would not happen. According to the EIA, if drilling began in ANWR this year, oil production from that region would peak around 2027-2030. At peak production, ANWR would produce enough oil to lower the world price of oil by about 1 percent.

So if gasoline is selling at $5 a gallon in 2030, that would amount to 5 cents a gallon.

That EIA prediction has actually been confirmed recently in the oil markets. Saudi Arabia has announced it would increase production by 500,000 barrels a day. It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. Not when you consider total world consumption of about 85 million barrels a day. So it’s no surprise that the Saudi announcement has had no discernible impact on world oil prices.

Furthermore, the EIA predicts that as ANWR oil came on the world market, OPEC would simply cut back its own production, thus keeping the global oil supply - and the global price - unchanged, So in the end, drilling in the wildlife refuge and offshore areas would have little or no impact on oil prices. It is a false hope.

Re: ?

Robert we do agree.
let the left and right slugg it out.

cause after the election it ain't gonna make a *hit.

Re: ?

Yeah, Jeffro? Do you really believe that the last two elections didn't meand $hit?

How about the fact that they meant close to 5000 dead and more than 100,000 seriously wounded American soldiers, and somewhere around 2.7 TRILLION dollars that our children, grand children and great grandchildren will have to pay off.

Politicians may not be worth much, but elections can sure as hell mean a huge difference in American's lives. No matter how much you guys wish that they didn't.

Re: ?

jakie b you just dont like the idea that your good friend Saddam hussien was removed from office so he could no longer murder thousands and thousands of iraqi people. In ww2 the united states lost about 600 thousand soldiers stoping nazism japanese militarism. if it hadnt the united states and all of its people would have been exterminated. we are now faced with that same thing. The U S and the iraqi people are winning against islamic terrorism. But we will only win if barackHUSSIENobama doesnt gain the control of this country next november. If he does (unless the american Generals step in )this country is doomed

Re: ?

Duane, it is too bad for you that your deeply innate fears drive so much of your life.

You equate WWII to a scuffle with a third world tin pot dictator and suggest that we would have been destroyed - destroyed for christ's sake - had we not taken Hussein out. What a joke you are.

The truth is that even in WWII neither the NAZIS or the Japanese every had a chance of destroying or conquering America.

Hussein never even considered it. The people who DID very seriously consider it - though they never had a chance of success, either - are still safe and sound in Pakistan. We should have had their heads on a pike more than 6 years ago, but they have been allowed to sit there fat and happy by your heros, the Bush Administration.

Have you noticed, though, that now that an election is coming, the Republicans have suddenly remember Osama Bin Laden's name? Funny, isn't it? They ignore him for years, but drag him out when they need to scare weenies like Duane.

Re: ?

JackB you hit it on the head, Duane is terrified

Re: ?

What I like about Duane's (il)logic is that he forgets that Saddam could not have killed those 1,000's and 1,000's of Iraquis without the armament and supplies we provided him in order to keep him in power.

John R...

Re: ?

Duane never saw Jelly, a former poster, who actally came from the war torn Iran/Iraq region. I would take her word over Duane's, and that's saying a mouthful!


Re: ?

jackie once again you are admitting that you had very close ties to Saddam Hussien. How else could you know just EXACTLY what he was thinking? how could you know that without being his inner circle. I have no idea what my next door neighbor is thinking at any given time. Yet you admit that you knew exactly what saddam Hussien was thinking. Do you also know exactly where on this earth Osama Bin Ladin is hiding at this very moment. I submit that if you do know you would never give that information to the United states govt.
Now just what do you people think i am terrified of?
I will hold my own against any terrorists that wants to take me on . Or anyone else for that matter. Any takers? You can be in an ambush mode if you choose but you better make the first shot count because you dont get two.

Re: ?

John R did you watch and actully see the ak 47 rifles that the iraqi army used the soviet t55 62 tahks it used. The mig fighter planes the Frencj mystres that Saddam never used. The soviet hind helicopters. They were right on the news. Your problem is that you can find nothing at all good about the united states and the american people. It must be terrible for you to see that the iraqi people and the american soldiers are winning the battle against terrorists . They are reduced to forcing women to attack civilians blowing unsuspecting people apart in horrifing explosions . Does that make you get off put stains in your shorts and a weird smile on your face when you read and hear about helpless people being murdered? I bet it does.

Re: ?

Duane, I think that you are scared of just about every ****ed thing, but mostly you are afraid of people who are not like you. Otherwise, you would not hate them so much.

Yeah, I am quite sure that you will make war on all of the terrorists who come to your little back-water for the specific purpose of killing you. After all, you really are just that important.

Just keep selling those wolf tickets, tough guy.

Re: ?


I for one hate war.It has but one cause . Destruction.

I will follow that up with a Big thank you to our "Volanteer" military we have today. For the brave souls who have taken it upon there self to live and die to protect this thing we call freedom.

I can't say what would have Happened if 911 happened under Gore's watch.

But i do not think either running for the President have a clue how to end this war.

I so far have yet to here a out line of hard fact's on how this can be done.

All I have seen and heard are smiles and sweet words.
and i think they are falling on alot of deaf ears.

This post was nothing more than who had the most experince and it turned into a allout liberal shouting match.

Have a good day Bro.

Re: ?

Bull****, Jeffro.

YOUR post was about making McCain look superior to Obama because of experince. That is a fair argument - probably not a very important one - none of the first 13 or 14 American presidents had any kind of significant political experience - but it is a fair one.

But Duane got all into other nastiness - I guess you forgot his posts in calling the responses liberal. I am sorry if this stuff splashes onto you, but if you lay down with pigs, you are occasionally going to get a little mud on you.

Re: ?

For you information Jack I ride a hog.

You should get out and smell the fresh air.

as for argument there is none but you see.

THERE are many people who will never admit they are wrong.

I consider my self a independt realist.

As i said before i have talked with duane on many occasions. and we don't agree on many issues as i sure as hell don't agree with you.

there is alot of left and right if you want to call it that. that would not know the truth if it walked up and bit them in the azz.

I do not trust my goverment. have not since 1968.

for unless you have someone on the inside there is alot that go's on behind the American peoples back that we will never know or probly could not digest.

mabe you should run for office.

As i said before HAGD.

Re: ?

And jack i forgot to let you know that hog is getting 56 miles to the gallon. and riding in the Fl. rain ani't no problem.

Re: ?

Actually, if you read the original post, there was political opinion all over it. John McCain is just hitting his stride? etc etc. If it was merely about experience, fine. Just state the facts. But a question....If MCCain had so much experience, why did he still vote for Iraq? Didn't he have enough experience to see through the bull****. Hell, he couuldn't even fight back against Bush when he ran against him. It seems to me experience is not all that is needed here. Wisdom mixed with common sense and maybe some compassion are exactly what we need now. Someone who is willing to work with others and not put up a wall between himself and the rest of civilization. Someone who is not running with the rest of the herd into the river but is looking for a better way to cross. And as for stride, for all we know, at 72 he could collapse from a stroke. So could Obama for that matter. Nothing is guaranteed in life, other than death. Leave his age out of it.

McCain is not the same respectable, decent man he was when he ran against Bush. He has said and done things that he ought to be ashamed of. Following "Borris" from Pennsylvania Ave into Iraq for one thing, continuing to say it's swell so let's extend it for 100 years, and playcating to those who stand behind Bush for another. He ought to say to them, "I am sorry but you were wrong. Bush is wrong. And as your next hopeful President, I was wrong. But I want to make it right." Then he should shut up and do exactly that. Of course I am not holding my breath waiting on that to happen. IF he does that, I will vote for him in a heart beat. Until then, it's easy. The guy who saw through the smoke and mirrors from the White House on Iraq get my vote.

Re: ?

We all have two choices in November. Vote or not vote. If you choose to vote you have three choices. God bless America.