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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

Prisons of war, furnaces of radicalism - The global detention policy of the United States and its allies is incubating the insurgents of the future.

A long-term consequence of the Iraq war is the production of a new generation of young paramilitaries with combat experience in urban environments against the world's best equipped army (see "Afghanistan in an amorphous war", 19 June 2008). Even if the conflict in Iraq does ease in the coming months, the experience of combat there will serve well an al-Qaida movement that measures its aims in decades rather than years.

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Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

Kind of like the adage about our own prisons - "Prison doesn't rehabilitate; it trains people to be better criminals."

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

It proves that the Laws of war fare or the Geneva convention do not apply to the Bush administration. I realize that they are not Soldiers and do not belong to a reconized army Bu they should be handled according to the rules of the Geneva convienton as we expect our Soldiers to be if captured

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

the conflict in Iraq has eased ( not may ease) . It is being won by the americans and the iraqis. Attacks are down way down because the iraqi people know that their own troops and police and the americans can and will protect them . The people are turning in terorists. The forces of good and freedonm are finding more large arms caches. As always the "peace loving freedom fighters" are when they can, murdering unsuspecting civilians causing the people to turn against them even more all the time.
The best argument that the people of iraq and the americans are winning is to just look at the front page of the newspapers in this country, the MSM tv newscast any of the left wing media (which is all of them) would ,if they had any chance would inflate anything that may occur in iraq to gargutuan porportions in order to protray american soldiers as the worst people in the world.
Much the same as a hearing held by a congressional committee. The democrats esp one moslem congressman from Minn. and a delhunt from Mass went out of their way to do everything theyu cpould to express their alligence to al queda and opposition the the efforts of the U s goverment to stop terrorism from atttackin and killing americans.

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

Grant s jackson Just how are these detainees being mistreatred? How many of them have had their hands cut off? How many have been starved to death? How many have been denied the opportunity to obseve their religion. Remember that they are all provided with copies of the Koran. Prayer rugs. Three meals a day. everything that any P O W.would be entitled to Although they are not covered by the geneva convention. They are treated well by the u s Govt. and if they are set free into the united states as most democrats do want . they will kill any and all americans they can and i hope they start with one rep delahunt of Mass.

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

I have promised my self that I will no longer respond to Duane. I wil No Longer get in a ******* contest with a idiot. I knw that I can **** faster and farther then him.

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia


Please be advised that there are limits on freedom of the press. It is not absolute. The comment "they will kill any and all americans they can and i hope they start with one rep delahunt of Mass" might be misconstrued as some sort of threatening message or order that you may be sending to an unknown source via this forum.

Stand down with that type and form of rhetoric,
John R...

Re: Food For Thought--Article Out of Australia

Duane Ya know I never try to rub anyone rubharb on this site, but I truly hope that the agreement President Bush is trying to shove down Iraq's thought to keep US troops present in Iraq for long time is not agreed upon by our Leaders or the Iraqi leaders. Iraqi Leaders have said they want to be thier own soverign nation with no outside troops on thier soil after the December 08 deadline set by the United Nations to either extend the US commitmet in Iraq or to deny it. The Iraqi leaders only want to make sure that their army is trained well enough to defend Iraq in and out of country, and once this is accomplished they don't want any foreign troops on their soil. Icouldn't agree with them more. The time is coming for our return of our troops to let the Iraqi's defend their nation. Ashame though that I don't see what I call Iraqiization working just like vietnamization didn't work. If that be the case so bet it. God bless and watch over our troops in harms way.