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The Taliban Strikes Back

brings back some memories of our battels in NAM.

After six years of ignoring Afghanistan, things have gotten bad enough to force American officials to pay attention.

After six years of ignoring Afghanistan, things have gotten bad enough to force American officials to pay attention. For the past two months, U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have been higher than in Iraq. And on July 13, Afghanistan definitely got everybody's attention when nine U.S. troops were killed in what Wikipedia is now officially calling "The Battle of Wanat." Three days after the battle, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the U.S.-dominated military force running the country, announced it's abandoning Wanat completely.

Let's start with a close-up of the battle, then zoom out to the overall situation in Afghanistan. Wanat is in Kunar Province, along the border with Pakistan. It looks a lot like Northern Wyoming: mountain country, steep slopes with pine forests running down to fast, cold rivers. Some of the photos I've seen from Kunar seem like stills from "The Sound of Music" or "Heidi," only some prankster has Photoshopped in a platoon of soldiers in desert camouflage.

The outpost that the United States had just set up in Wanat was supposed to disrupt Taliban supply lines from Pakistan. Instead, it became a tempting target for the local guerrillas, just like hundreds of other remote forward bases in other rural guerrilla wars from Southeast Asia to Algeria. Guerrillas usually avoid open combat with conventional forces, but when they do attack in force it's usually against the smaller, more vulnerable forward bases. The Wanat base was a very tempting target because it was still under construction.

It's not so easy to be sure what actually happened in the battle there on July 13. A big Taliban force -- big by guerrilla-war standards, meaning several hundred -- was able to mass outside the base without being detected. They attacked with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and rifle fire, managed to take part of the base, and then either withdrew or were forced back into the town of Wanat, where the fighting continued in the ruins. The NATO troops had massive air support, and faced with that, the guerrillas dispersed into the hills. Then, three days later, the U.S. forces, who have de facto command of southeastern Afghanistan, also withdrew. Officially Wanat is now in the hands of the Afghan police, but that's a joke.

You can tell how ridiculous that claim is by looking carefully at the casualties from the battle. This is a good example of how to read war news carefully, how to read between the lines of standard press coverage. It's almost like a story-problem for war nerds. Here are the figures: There were 70 defenders in that base, 45 U.S. troops and 25 ANA (Afghan National Army) troops. That's about a 60/40 split. So if both groups fought equally effectively, you'd expect more than a third of the casualties to be from the ANA. But that's not the story the casualty figures tell you. Every defender who died was American; no Afghan troops died. Three-quarters of the wounded were also American, only four out of 19 were Afghan. What that tells you is that the ANA didn't fight. They left it to the Americans. That's a pattern you often see in guerrilla wars: The locals fight very hard against the occupiers, but not very well for them. So in Vietnam, the Viet Cong fought like demons and the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) barely fought at all, even though they were from the same ethnic background.

There are a lot of very familiar patterns in this story. If you zoom out from Wanat and look at the bigger situation in southern Afghanistan, you've got the classic ingredients for a long, bloody guerrilla war: a big ethnic group on both sides of an artificial border, difficult terrain, and dirt-poor peasants with a long tradition of fighting just about everyone who comes along, from Alexander the Great to the 19th century British. The Pakistani/Afghan border is 1,500 miles long, and the people living on both sides of it are Pashtun, the biggest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the support base of the Taliban. The Taliban started as a Pashtun resistance to the Northern Alliance warlords, mostly Uzbeks and Tajiks, who took power after the Soviet pullout in 1989, and the Taliban is still mostly Pashtun. The reason you don't hear so much about the ethnic angle is simple: Neither side wants to push that angle in its propaganda. The Taliban would like to claim to be defending Islam, and the Americans are happy to go along with that, so they can say we're fighting Islamic terror. But the fact is that the Taliban stands for old-school Pashtun tradition more than for Islam. And the Taliban is divided even further, with complicated loyalties to local warlords and tribal chiefs.

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Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

duane no comment, come on now isn't this Seantor obama's doing?

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

well mike ivy barackHUSSIEN obama says he wil make the fight againsyt the islamic terrorists in afghanistan the central focus of the war on terrorism. although i doubt if he would fight against his own people.
Now as i understand it there were 9 americans killed in that battle you refered to but 100 taliban. the marines withdrew. They may reestablish that base. Hope fully they will make it stronger perhaps with propane nozzles in the barbed wire so that when it is attacked along with machineguns artilary etc. the u s forces can burn to death alive large numbers of the attackers and send them to their 72 goats allah and the prophet will provide them.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

so now Seantor Obama is from Afghanistan, amazing thanks for the update.

Seems President Bush and crew forgot way back when to complete the Afghanistan mission against the Taliban, don't you think?

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

l didnt say HUSSIEN obama is from afghanistan. I said i didnt think he would fight the islamic terrorists The islamic terrorits foreign fighters from all over the countries of Islam are the ones doing the attacks Osama Bin Ladin was from saudi arabia his #2 was or is from Egypt. There is even an american in the mix.
You'll notice they dont launch atttacks very often and they are looking over their shoulders up at the sky wondering just when a mislle launched from a uav is going to interrupt their daily meal of dried goats meat and dates. I dont think Bin laden is still among the living . He hasnt been seen for years.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Seems you stated that he would not fight against his own people in Afghanistan seems to me you are indicating "his own country"

"Senator" obama is not from the middle east nor is muslim he is a Catholic. And what religon are you ?

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

When i said his people i was refering to the islamic terrorists from all over the countries of Islam. They have no aliegience to any particular nation state. Their alliegence is to the struggle to destroy the western nations. They will take these western nations and people over. That is what ibelieve barrackHUSSIEN obama believes in . He has yet (to my knowledge) to produce a valid birth certificate from the state of hawaii. I can produce a valid birth certficate. Why cant he?

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Man some people just go on and on and on.


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Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.14Subject: To stop the 3rd World War all the Anti-War Countries should make use full strongest Media Radio, TV, Internet and Newspapers1) Anti-War Countries should make appeal for Peace not War the peace Loving People of the World.2) Anti-War Countries should prove their propaganda; the Superpowers of the World are fighting for the security of their wrong Economic, Oil and Power Interest.3) Anti-War Countries should tell to the people of the World through their Media that next 3rd World War will become the cause Death of 200 Million Innocent People and make 500 million People disabled.4) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next 3rd World War will become the cause of One Billion People Homeless and Unemployed. In this way they will live in Nomadic Life for the next 5, 10 or20 years.5) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next 3rd World War will become the collapse of 75% International Business of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Import Export. In this way all Rich and Poor Countries of the World will become the cause of Inflation, Unemployment Lawlessness and Corruption with consequences of Bloodshed.
Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.15Subject: A few Powerful Developed Countries want to Enforce Law of Jungle (Might is Right) after Conquering the World, International Community should Stand against it, Like an Iron Wall1) For controlling the Oil Resources of World, a few Developed Countries are Planning to enslave the International Community through next 3rd WorldWar.2) World Community should resist this move of Powerful Countries, who are Launching 3rd World War through false propaganda of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.3) The recent announcement of these countries has proved their Falsehood That they will not hesitate to form a new International Organization, if UN Security Council does not support their War Mission.4) The World Community must continue Peaceful Rallies for stopping the 3rd World War, so that 200 Million People can be sued from Death, 500-Million From being Crippled and One Billion from Starvation and becoming Homeless.5) The World Community should act upon Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Plan by Establishing Anti-War Peace Force under UN Control.6) Agha Dilbar appeal to International Newspapers, Magazines and TV News Channels that my Great Peace Plan is printed / broadcast on urgent Basis, so that World Community must know it for stopping the 3rd World War.
Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.16) Subject: Stop War against Iraq(and Afghanistan) for the World s Peace). 1 Agha Dilbar am warning the Developed Powerful Countries to stop the War against Iraq(and Afghanistan) which can Cause

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Be Kinda cool if you could Pop a paragraph in once and a while. I keep losing my place and that alone makes me mad enough to launch a Nuke!

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

What do you suggest ssgmike?

We could nuke the country and the northwester portions of Pakistan. Other than that, we seem to have only the options of surrendering and dying, or continuing to fight on against terrorism in Afghanistan ans elsewhere.

I agree with you monster paragraph was too long and too confusing to brother to read.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Jeez, Real American, just by using that alias you rub me the wrong way. Who is making the decision as to who is and who is not a "real American?" Personally, I tend to doubt that anyone who really understood the concepts on which America was founded would use such a moniker.

And what is it with you guys and wanting to surrender all the time? Now that the idiots who wasted the last 7 years, several thousand American lives and more than a trillion dollars of U.S. treasure are leaving office, maybe we can get down to business and take out the people who were actually responsible for the attack.

After that,we do what is necessary - but we don't get stupid and start pretending that any group of terrorist thugs can either defeat or destroy America. And we don't keep talking about some kind of silly forever war.

Indeed, we pitch that stupid "war on terror" terminology in the trash can where it belongs. War is between nation-states and there is no country called Terror. Terrorism is just a tactic.

Dealing with disparate groups of thugs, even well organized thugs with the same basic religion, is a matter for a strong intelligence activity combined with high power police activities.

Nor do we declare every muslim on the planet to be enemy. Most of them are just like most of us - too busy raising kids and getting on with life to really give a **** about much of the rest of the world. We should not give a crap about the ones who burn American flags on their street corners or who smack pictures of American Presidents with their shoes. Let 'em jump up and down and holler - as long as they are doing it in their neighborhoods, BFD.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Real American, whom ever you are what I suggest is what I have stated for years, send over every politian with one mag of ammo and let them fight it out, then maybe our men and women can get the job done.

Nuke no way jose, kill thousands of innocent people again. Sorry the only way to win a war or a battle is to keep the politicans and embedded reporters out of our way.

We do not retreat, our politicans do, just like they did during Vietnam, our politicans retreated because they know not what they are doing.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Yes mike ivy the polititions did retreat in the face of communisim. Your Democrat politions> Who gained a veto proof majority in congress in 1974. So President Ford could not support the south Vietnamese or even our own troops left in Vietnam. The democrats did deny any help against communism because they were THEN and are NOW tied completely to communisim and terrorism. We will all learn shortly when the ONE shows his true colors just how much the democrats are tied to destroying the U S and the american people.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Ssgmike, I can't argue with your statement.

Jack, Take a chill pill and have a Merry Christmas.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Jack B is quite correct about "terror" being a tactic and not a definable enemy. Any "Real American" would be insulted by the political strategist that coined the expression "War on Terror". Creating a mythical enemy with no valid credentials yet grouping it in a package that suggests it's existence is another way of saying to the American people, "we know that you are stupid, we like it that you are stupid and we intend to behave as if you are stupid."

Count me out!

John R...

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Jack B is quite correct about "terror" being a tactic and not a definable enemy. Any "Real American" would be insulted by the political strategist that coined the expression "War on Terror".

As I take notice to this as the islamc world used New York city on 9-11 to instruct this country to see who is "REEL AMERICANS".

They are the ones fighting for this Country and not worrying about the "Political Strategist".

And If anyone coined that it was the world of Islam.

That's all i needed to know.

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back


With all due respect, I hardly think that 19 deranged and misguided Muslims are representive of the Islamic world.

John R...

Re: The Taliban Strikes Back

Well, 11Echo40, look at it this way - Bush bought into Cheney and Rumsfeld's silly-assed notion of how to fight a "war on terror" and in doing so went a very long way to giving Osama Bin Laden exactly what he wanted.

Don't you really think that it would have been better if we had recognized that our true enemy was the folks who planned and carried out the attack against us - a relatively small group of thugs with their own motives - and if we had then simply hunted their asses down and put Bin Ladin's head on a pike about 6 years ago?

Instead, too many people bought into the mind-numbingly stupid idea that we needed to make war on millions of people who don't give a flying **** about us and who are no true threat at all.

I saw Bush on TV recently saying how after 9/11 he gave the Taliban two choices - either give up Al-Queda or share Al-Queda's fate. The Taliban chose the 2nd option and it worked out very well for them. They - and the leadership of Al-Queda - have spent the years since 9/11 living comfortably on the Pakistan-Afghan border. So much for Bush's "You can run but you can't hide" rhetoric, eh?

During that same period, we have been breaking our military and our treasury killing Iraqis - none of whom had participated in the attack on the U.S. That absolutely has to be one of the most stupid responses to aggression that any nation have ever made - let the people who attacked you sit fat and happy where they can continue planning future attacks while wasting resources getting bogged down in a country with no connection to the original attack.