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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

To All,

Bob P. is a great guy, as we all know. But I suspect he is even smarter than any of us realized.

We can all talk about our opinions and positions when it comes to the government and direction our country is headed but there is no greater lesson about apathy and complacency then learning from real life itself.

Take for instance the "pop-ups" issue. Way back in April when Bob, personally, addressed the issue, he promised that they would be gone shortly. This is the first step in what I will coin as the "politician's promise." Bob is showing us how government works in action.

The next step is to actually fulfill the promise for a short time and demonstrate to the constituency that action can be taken and remedies found. I'll coin this as "swallowing the bs".

The next and final step is to allow the undesired condition to resurface its ugly head and see if anyone objects. If they don't object then life goes back to the same-o same-o which puts everyone back to where they were in the first place but without their annoying complaining. This is the "fait accompli".

No one until now has said another word about the annoying and unwanted pop-ups or embedded ads. Bob has suceessfully shown each and everyone of us that we are no better than the rest of the electorate in this country who may complain and ***** but in fact will continue to accept the system that ignore its constituency simple because it can.

Nice job, Bob.

John R...
viva la' revolucion'

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Guess we are all still waiting for it to happen...personally said nothing because I have always been the first to complain...and figured no one else cared!! It is annoying and bravernet attaches alot of stuff that has to be removed when the scan is run...

Perhaps we are a nation of sheep...

I am tolerating it, but I don't like it.


Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

good post John. Everytime I come over here I see the PIA popups and think about making a comment. But I know Bob is in love now and a very busy man and has no time for dealing with the anoying popup issue.

So we live on popups or not

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

you are probably all right in your own way but this is a financial luxury at the moment which we cannot afford, Bob has been unable to get online since april and as i type this he is leaving the place he has lived in for 22 years to go to his brother's in Oregon, if we had more money he would be here by now.
sorry about that


when you do get online baby this is for you, KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i love you so **** much

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!


Perhaps I misunderstood something along the way. I was under the impression that Bobbi had been given the authority to manage this website and that it was understood that everyone preferred no "pop-up" policy and prohibition against annoying embedded ads.

Long time participants of this board have offered to help with the rudimentary expense to keep it up and running upon a proper accounting. There seems to be some confusion as to what the expenses really are.

Doc Matz has demonstrated how simple it is to start a "pop-up" free board and before someone might suggest that I should just visit his and forget this one, I believe both are useful.

Julie, in view of this boards original creation and purpose, I'm not sure what you and Bob's personal life has to do with it.

We all wish you and Bob the best but it has nothing to do with this board.

Respectfully yours,
John R...

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Im at the library in Port Townsend, prolly my last day here for now. John, no ads does cost money and as Julie tried to point out times are very tight at the moment, so our personal life does affect this BB im sorry to say. As far as I know bobbi is as busy as julie and I are and shes not managing this website.

When i made my promise about popups it was not a campaign promise, tho i can see the humor in your original post-i meant it, but reality and the high cost of living and traveling in two countries forced me to break my promise, something that happens to all of us sometime or other, politicians and the rest of us!
Thank you Baby! I love you so **** much, too!!! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

John: My board may not be around for long. It gets pretty boring "preaching to the choir" - That is, the few who post there seem to be of the same mind about most things - B-O-R-I-N-G!
I started a new board because I thought everyone was tired of pop-ups. I guess not; here we all are six months later, same old pop-ups.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Hey Bob no problem can understand things being tight. I actually thought you were still in London as the red news alert stated" Greetings from Bob and Julie in London"

I'm not rich but since I visit this board I could spare a dime or two [ you know what I mean} to help out.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

thank you Mike, you are very kind and a good friend, Bob is at this moment driving to Oregan, i am staying up late until i know my darling has arrived at Gary's safely and i will tell him about your post, i know he'll appreciate it. ty too to everyone else who is still supporting the board


ilusdm baby and you'd better be driving carefully my love XXXX

Okay, I'm just going to put it out there....

Actually, I did notice it, as I also noticed the domain expired again. I really did not want to publicize this but it seems that I have no other way to get the message across. I tried repeatedly to contact Bob by IM, email, and phone. Left numerous messages. He never replied to me. Julie came on and asked me to contact him again a while back, so I did several times. Over a period of several months now. I knew the financial situation was dire for them, so I tried to call him at home where it would not cost him a dime. I asked for his number in England again so I could call Julie at least. Got no response.

So I decided that I would not manage/assist the board as Bob did not see any need for anyone to help him with anything.. even his supposed best friend. I guess he thought we would not notice his absense from our lives and our board? We would not notice the domain expired? The annoying pop ups. At first I thought, no, stick by this.... but then I realized I have been in this boat so many times with him that I seem like some sad puppy waiting for a bone and that is not who I am or how I want to be.

I still checked the board out, but it has lost something for me. I have told Bob before that I felt this way when he has done this in the past. I told him that he needed to pop in and say hi, and I warned him that his lack of concern for the board and it's posters was apparent. He gets "lost" easily and I have said as much. I love him dearly as a friend, but I don't think that I should have to "warn" Bob that posters are unhappy with pop ups or his lack of participation.

If he wants to be a part of this board, so be it. It's his parogative. But if he is wrapped up in life and promises to be here but really isn't, he should relinquish this board to someone who can afford to maintain it and participate on a somewhat frequent basis. Or ask someone to watch over it and run it for him until he is able to do so again. Just because you love something does not mean you are the one best suited to care for it. Sometimes you have to be strong enough to say "I can not do this anymore". As for me, I do not desire to manage it anymore. I got burned one too many times..

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

bobbi: Thank you for the explaination.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

bobbi, ty for your honesty, now i have my chance to be honest with you i will, i would never have made it public but you are choosing to do so here so i will too.
your man is in your house with you, you are happy, i suppose, but mine is still apart form me, we are still trying to get back together and My Bob is not "lost" as you say, he is in love for the first real time since his first wife,judy, a wonderful person, we have been together and will be again soon, then we will marry. i will not have anyone moaning about him or anyone trying to take this board away from him because as soon as he possibly can he'll be back.
you all know my baby is a good man and still cares about everyone here, he's at gary's now after giving up 22 years in Port Townsend for me and i will love him forever for it.

thankyou bobbi for your financial help but as you know that has worked both ways in the past, i didnt know your help came at a price but i did warn him, i am sorry you feel let down by my best friend but you do know him better than that. thanks again Julie

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

BobP, Sir!

Allthough I too find the popups rather annoying, I understood reason for delay of removing popup-situation, prior to/without your explanation of personal situation. Have bought a few "across the pond"-tickets myself over the last 7 years, so I know what that does to ones vallet. That, together with everything else connected with a relocation of AO, especially of the kind that you are executing currently, do cause other matters to be prosponed. It is natural.

I hope that you and your brother have managed to find time to enjoy a good time together aswell, while he helped you with certain crucial details connected with your relocation of AO. I have only seen my own brother a handfull of times since newyears, despite the fact that we only live a 15 minutes cardrive from eachother. Not for specific reasons, just not been more frequent. Think I will try to get him to join me at the soon upcomming yearly local festivities here.

And Sir, remember.... Important! The milk goes First in to the cup, t-h-e-n you pour the hot water, when having a cup of tea. Not the other way around! If you wonder about what it is about that, Julie can explain. Rather interresting detail of English history, so above is actually not humor only.

T G C!


Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!


Kindly understand that not one bit of the above post was addressed to you. I am glad you feel you can be honest. But you made a point that puzzles me. Actually several.

I did not mention finacially contributing to the board. I said I called numerous times to Bob's cell and house, and sent im's. I tried the house more so than anywhere else to save Bob's money on cell bills as I was aware of his financial situation. Since you decided to go "there"... I paid Bob back the money you speak of entirely and then some a loooong time ago. I paid for the board recently as a wedding gift to you. You bringing those items up seem out of place and they have no relativity to what was posted earlier.

On the point of privacy, if Bob had answered one of my dozens of calls or numerous emails or im's over the last few months, I would not have to post this publically to discuss it with him. And on that point, it is YOU who is responding, not Bob even when publically prompted by several members of the board. He does know how to use a public library computer and has done so many times before. Don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that he is incapable of communicating with his friends and this board.

Why imply that I do not understand because I have Dan now? I spent 10 of 13 years married to an infantry man whom I rarely saw and there were months were I did not know if he was alive or dead. Despite being in a city that was new to me, unpacking for the 3rd time in 1 year, working, taking care of 3 kids that at the time were all under 6 years of age, having no heating gas, water, or sewage system for 2 months because we were having new systems put in during the cold month of March, and having a husband who just left to what is arguably the most hostile country on the planet to American soldiers, I STILL managed to keep in touch with the board and my friends almost daily. Many others have faced hardships here. Some posted despite having cancer, others went through divorces or the loss of friends and loved ones.

It stands to reason that the operator and owner of the bb should be here, or assign someone who can be here who is familiar with it's history, posters, and had time to manage it. I am not the only who has expressed this belief. Make of that what you will. I don't see that it will make much of a difference that we HAVE expressed our opinions here. We tried tact before and eventually, it is as John R. put it, the problem came back in spades.


Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Bobbi, when you address a post to my baby you address it to me, so "kindly" do not consider yourself someone who can ask me to "understand". i am an educated woman who completely understands when someone is patronising me. i ask you not to do that again.
You may not have directly mentioned financially contributing to Bobs bulletin board but your reply screams of "hey look at me everyone, i used my money to keep this going!" i hate to even type this but when i help someone out i hardly ever tell anyone about it because i do it from my heart, not for a verbal reward. i did mention that Bob helped you and dan out but hey babe, tit for tat

As for Bob answering your calls, when he was out he was unable to tell who had called while he was gone apart from the last number. Emails and IM's. he was offline. Yes he was at the library but he was spending that brief time with me, his future wife, also his lover and best friend.I am responding to you, notice i typed you and not YOU,wow youre i said in my last post, i WILL NOT have anyone putting my baby down, he has suffered enough as you know too well, so think before you castigate him.
i am not insulting anyone else's intelligence at this board except yours, because you have claimed to be his best friend and then you have publicly critised Bob more than everyone on the board put together and i personally cannot forgive you for that, all i have done is to resond to what you started.

while my baby has been back there packing away the last 22 years of his life i have been here every day reading all the posts and i've tried to inform you all of Bob'S reasons for not being here. i am sorry to anyone who did not read my explanations, although i am sure most of you did.

i totally respect your husband for his service to what i consider to be a wonderful country, if i had been around when my Bob was doing the same thing i would have supported him with all my love and understanding as i am sure you have with Dan, and i would have done so unconditionally.

i am in awe of people who have posted here about their ailing loved ones and have always replied to try to support them along with Bob in their saddest moments, alas, not all of us can be so vocal when we are down or worse, Bob has been very low of late waiting to get here and although we need each other desperately it was a huge wrench for him to leave his life behind.

Bobbi, please don't tell people what they "should" do, for example
"relinquishing this board", i find that rather presumptious of you

Summing up, i have put up with you for a long time now, you and the way you seem to think you are the one Bob can rely on, ty for your support but please do not think that my baby has no-one else, because he has our family in America and his family here, my kids love him and appreciate him and friends here and there- also people here at this board who Bob calls his friends and who act like it... who may not like popups and who may miss bob and not quite understand why he hasnt been here, yet they don't post lengthy rants against him, full of 'i told him so's'and other self-congratulatory bits and pieces just because youre mad at him.
you will receive your "wedding gift" back very soon because its leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth....

ta ta

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Although im sure what i say will not be welcome here. I think you guys are unnecesarily maligning Mr Poff for the ads that are on here . He no doubt has run into money probl;ems. As he said it happens to all of us at one time or another. A few ads to keep this BB going should be a small price. if you dont like the ads dont read them. I wish he and Julie well.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

WOW! Duane had something nice to say.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Thank you Duane, that was very understanding of you and we both appreciate it. Thank you too for the good wishes to Bob and myself.
have a good day,

Julie and Bob

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Mad doc i do have lots of nice things to say. Its just that very often what i say very often is not completely what you would say and of course you cannot stand anyone having a difference of opinion.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!


My original responses were to John and Doc about Bob and last time I checked, your name is Julie and none of the above. I am not the one who was angry, nor was I too busy to manage. Don't pretend to speak for me. You get enough practice at that for Bob. You were angry and said so. Don't project your feelings onto me. I won't bother posting anymore. I barely came to this bb because of Bob's absense and lack of concern for myself and his other friends. Now, I really don't care for this bb at all. You managed to crap on my last effort to reach out to my friend. Thanks for butting in where you didn't belong. I won't be a part of your co-dependent crap anymore. Bob may find that attractive, but I find it a bit neurotic.


I won't be here anymore. I wasn't angry, I was hurt, then indifferent. Now I am angry because you allowed some twit to post for you and basically strangle what few relationships you had with other people after you worked so hard to build them on this bb. A lot of bad stuff happens when all of your social needs are put into one person. Don't say I didn't warn you.

See ya!

To the board,

Really hated for you guys to see this, but as you can see, I can't even have a conversation with Bob. This was a last ditch effort to maybe shake some sense into Bob into popping in on this board, and maybe keeping his friends in the loop now and then. Apparently, that was too much to ask of a friend. So I will be moving on. I am sure there are other boards you guys visit that you might find me on. But unlike that which was suggested earlier, I am intelligent. I know a sinking ship when I see one.


Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!r

Hi all, Hi to you especially, Julie and thank you for posting here while ive been wrapping things up in port townsend and about as cutoff from normal commo as ive been in years. Youve explained it as well as anyone could,my baby, thank you muchly!

I know some of you are fedup with the popups and I am sorry that I failed to make good on early promises to keep them away. Julie and I have tried to explain our situation, or at least why our circumstances have affected this BB. Some of you have seemed able to take that in your stride, for that, we thank you.
Some are irked a bit or maybe a little more than a bit, to you I apologize, since it is my fault and I am sorry.

Neither Julie or I wanted to get into any details about our finances or how that problem has affected our hopes and plans.. and my ability to communicate here or anywhere else, for that matter-looking back over what Julie and I have posted I didnt think it was necessary to explain any more than we aleady had.

I find it uh interesting that of all the people here who have commented on the popups and the domain name etc only one has ranted at length about it, and she felt the need to share with all of you some parts of personal discussions weve had on the same subject and amazingly enough rather than any sign of understanding or support from her instead it all comes down to 'i told bob so' and shes always known better, etc- but now shes washing her hands of it all because shes 'been burnt' so many times before! With a 'best friend' like that, who needs enemies?!

Of course shes not just fedup with the popups etc shes mad at me for personal reasons, one being that because she says she tried to contact me in everyway possible and for a long time but i have responded...but due to my financial situation and how thats affected my phone, computer etc I havent been able to respond to anyone unless they called my house phone and in all this time not once have i answered my house phone and found her on the line, not once...and I haven't seen a single sign of any other attempt to contact me from her but i didnt have 37 cows about it either in private or here at the BB as she has just done.
My house phone was limited to local calls from the time i arrived back in port townsend and i had no voice mail or even last number that called available, my cell phone was damaged a couple of months ago and can only be used as a clock and sometimes to see only the last number that called-it has never been from bobbi and not once have i answered my house phone in a couple of months to find her calling me-as for emails the last one i got from her was on april 29th, the day before i left for America, the last IM I got from her was also about that long ago and was about her job, how dan was, her kids etc.
I couldnt access my phone number list because my cell phone was wrecked and shed gotten a new cell phone number which was only listed there but shes had my house phone number since July of 2007 when i got a new number and she couldve called information months ago if she was really trying to contact me-I couldnt even do that. I couldnt have called anyone even if i had remembered their number..but even under those difficult circumstances the people who wanted to contact me have been able to.

I answered that phone a zillion times in my two months back in port townsend, calls from julie, family, friends, sales people and creditors, alas. from early on the person on the other end was never bobbi.
So, I figured she was very busy and as time passed and knowing her, i figured she was prolly mad at me because this has happened before, our friendship has had these ups and downs and if she wants to look at it now as being burnt once again well dont get me started because i could outdo anything she can moan about here since it has gone both ways as she well, im wrong there, she only remembers the times ive been the problem, her memory doesnt work well when it comes to her less-than-perfect behavior...she knew my situation and couldve called me easily-but did i come here and moan about her or ask Julie to? No, when someone asked about bobbi managing this place I only said:'As far as I know bobbi is as busy as julie and I are and shes not managing this website.' That was all either julie or I said about bobbi but bobbi felt the need to post her diatribe which was far more personal than it needed to be and of course, thats a huge suprises to everyone who knows her, isnt it?

Since she made it far more than about popups and domain name, Julie replied in kind-shes very protective of me one of a million reasons why I love her. She also doesnt exaggerate, she would never make it sound like shes tried to contact me morning, noon and night unless that was the exact truth.

And since bobbi has felt the need to dramatize her anger at me and also complain bitterly about her having been burnt so often to all of you, then for the first time eve

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson! part two

And since bobbi has felt the need to dramatize her anger at me and also complain bitterly about her having been burnt so often to all of you, then for the first time ever Im going to mention something here that Ive kept to myself out of a sense of loyalty to a friend despite the fact that its a prime example of one of the times she treated me like crap and as she might put it, 'burnt' me.
Some of you might remember the very nice idea she had to have a plaque made to show appreciation for my having started this BB when our old one was shut down. Many of you contributed to it and she got a lot of attention for conceiving the idea, but when the hubbub died down there were always excuses why she never got around to actually getting it done...and to this day, five years later, I've never gotten it.

For dramatic purposes she wildly exaggerated how hard she's tried to contact me, not one email or IM that ive ever received for example, becaused she came here for more than 'shaking some sense into' me as anyome with a brain can plainly see. If she had called me more than a couple of times in the last couple of months she'd have gotten through, everyone else has again and again, sheeesh.

Thank you, Julie for always being there, for your unconditional love and support and for being able to say things like, i was wrong, im sorry and thank you-some people have a lot of trouble saying those things
Thank you to everyone who comes here and who has put up with popups and who wishes Julie and I well and who can understand just what a time were going through even though youve probably not gone throogh anything like it yourself. Though all of us combat vets and spouses can understand lengthy separations, most people never wrap up their lives in America to be with the person they love-and then get stuck here for far longer than theyd hoped with miserable communications to make matters even more stressful. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy, but youd think the person who called herself my best friend would be the one who tried hardest to understand and show support and call more than a couple times and actually send emails and IMs rather than make them up for dramatic effect-not come here to moan louder than anyone else! Some best friend and some support.

ilusdm baby and youre not a twit

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

WOW.Can't believe Bobbi called Julie a TWIT.Take it back BOBBI,YOU are the TWIT,u have always interfered in Bob's put that in your pipe and smoke it.TWIT.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

I have some very good advice for some of you people.

First, I would like to address the ladies:

Bobbi, jealousy is a poorly disguised need for power and control. Jealous people are tyrannical, controlling, domineering and completely insensitive to the impact of their actions on their partner. Are you getting a power trip off of this? Is the payoff that you keep your cyber partner bob on a short leash and completely under your control? Answer those questions honestly but then again perhaps you don't know the definition of that word. You indeed have a problem with relaying truths. Case and point, the plaque that you supposedly got for bob and then kept the money for your own personal use. You also lied about paying for this board for another year. There are so many falsehoods that if lies were a sky, you could cover another world. If there was a law against your lying, you would, most assuredly be on death row.

Julie, I would certainly tell this bobbi woman that she is not his cyber Significant Other any longer and that you are his fiancee'. You were very reserved and patient with her. More so than any normal woman would ever be and especially after the name calling you a twit. I commend you for having class and are a lady.

Bob, you old dawg. Tell me your secret in how you have all of the ladies fighting for you affection. We could write another book and share the profits. Then you could go to England and be with your lady and live in splendor and riches.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

No, Bob, instead I sent you the money they gave me for the bb and the plaque as you were then again in dire finacial straights. I was going to get you the plaque of my own money. I did not even get to send you the x-mas stuff I bought you this year because you never sent me your address in London. It is still here. I DID call your house numerous times, you never answered. I left messages by phones, computer. You never replied. YOU managed to chat away with Julie, as she admitted as much when you got the chance, but couldn't find 2 minutes to call me or email me or respond to an im? Don't demonize me to make yourself look good. Shame on you, Bob. Why don't you be honest at least. You have done this numerous times before. I finally got fed up.

Thanks for proving how little I meant. WOW, you really know how to hurt someone.

Morbid curiosity brought me to see if Julie had
"warned" you that people were posting here and to see if you "managed" to pop up magically like you did so many times before when I had warned you of the same. I see I was right. Sad. Now go ahead and post more lies. I really don't care anymore. Anyone who can't see that your "sudden" appearances here are fishy and that your attempts to justify your actions should clean their glasses. I said my piece. No sense keeping this string going anymore on my behalf. I will not be party to this type of relationship with you or anyone else.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

Wow, youre back already! thought you wasn't coming back and going to another board, lol, what a laugh!!!

anyway now you are back i have one thing to say to you and its this.......
you did not send Bob the plaque money and you know it, you did not email him since April and you know that too.
fact is Bobbi, you are jealous, you cannot stand that Bob and i worked out. nuff said see ya

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

You sent the money for the BB, not the money for the plaque because you were going to get that done anyday now...or next week etc and it took some time for you to send the BB money because actually at the time I was NOT in dire straits, but you were, jesus! Your
memory' has always been so convenient. You kept giving excuses why the plaque never was made and we both know that and we also know that the plaque was a big deal as long as you were talking it up at the BB, but once the fanfare died down it went to the bottom of your list of priorities, bobbi...and of course, I would say 'no rush' rather than say uh, it would actually be nice to receive such a nice thing sometime...but there were times i made it plain that it was way past time for you to finally do something about it. It wasnt like it was just between you and me, but others had sent money for that, too and what bothered me most was that of course they all assumed that i had gotten it, at some point but i looked like a thoughtless jerk for never having come to the BB to say thank you all so much!.

As for recentlt, I had no way of knowing who was calling me, i just answered my phone 10001 times and not ONCE was it you...and i had no way of hearing my voice messages either but I know you didnt send ONE email or IM sinced April and notice that you haven't acknowledged that that was a 'mistake' in your earlier post-but in fact it was a lie to back up your dramatic post complaining about me. And I wasn't in London for Christmas, I didn't get there until the end of January and then i gave you my phone number and address there then.

Julie didn't say one thing about you in her posts updating and sometimes detailing my itinerary and progress, such as it was, but you had to come on and publicly give me hell and brag to anyone else thats not thrilled with the popups etc that youd told me so again and again and that youve been thru this before with me, etc etc and even that youd been burnt many times before and in general acted like the opposite of a best friend-some best friend. You werent trying to contact me from my point of view, you may have called a couple of times but everyone else who wanted to talk to me got thru again and again...and you damn well werent emailing or IMing me even once and it was a helluva lot easier for you to do that than it was for me!

Everything you said was BS said for dramatic effect as has been your way ever since you first came to the old BB, all dramatic license, exaggeration and even dishonesty to pretend to show how hard you tried to get in touch with me when you barely tried at all, but this has happened before.

When dan was acting out, you were my best friend, there all the time and wed talk morning, noon and night-i was your best friend/partner when dan was giving you grief...then when he was okay sometimes youd be seldom seen, once you stop contacting me in any way for months without any warning-another time when someone tried to start a fight between us, she succeeded and you wouldnt even listen to my side of it-you wanted to believe the worst and you even manufactured dates that fit what you wanted to believe and wouldnt even look at posts that proved that i was being truthful, then you were gone for months again.
Then youd be back and needing a best friend again and for a time id be your best friend again. Til the next time youd get too busy.

To back up your dramatic post you lied to everyone here about emailing me and IMing me and about how much you tried to call me. I knew when i didnt hear from you that when i finally did hear from you that youd act like youd tried so hard to contact me when you hardly tried at all, even tho you had working phones, long distance, money etc...its always my fault when we have commo problems, when your life has been full and youve not been in touch with me and ive dared to complain i got excuses and told off....but when the shoe has been on your foot and ive been busy i got psycho-babble lectures and told off again!

If I mentioned all the times you treated me like crap here at this BB itd take a full web page...and you know it, but you were never wrong, never sorry and the times you thanked me for anything were few and far between, like publicizing your web site here and letting you do the same and not once did you say one word here showing the slightest sign of appreciation-but youd come here and thank others whod posted at your site. Id publicly thank you for a xmas gift and all youd say was 'you forgot to mention i also gave you this or that!?". And the hardest thing to get so often was a reply from you when someone gave you a compliment or even asked a question....ask jeffro, for one example, he tried to answer you once over and over again, he finally got disgusted, publicly.

To quote you, why dont you be honest at least, shame on you and youve done this numerous before...and you really know how to hurt someone...I was going thru a certain kind of hell and couldnt contact anyone but everyone else that counted managed to get in touch with me and it didnt take a zillion calls...and i couldnt respond to emails and IMs you never sent in the first place and I certainly didnt feel you were acting like a friend-you were too busy to call more than a couple of times maybe, to send even one email or IM, either and the last time you did contact me everything was going great for you, but you knew i was back here, missing julie and wrapping up my life here and having financial problems as well.

And theres nothing 'fishy' about me 'popping up' here when someone has warned me that someone at the BB is upset with me, busy and have been going thru hell and 99% of the time unable to be here, so when i have been able to get online pardon me for 'chatting away with julie', but i would've replied to you had you ever actually sent me one email or IM-i have feelings, too-and of course when someone made me aware of someone who was upset wth things at the BB I have 'popped up' to say something, if only to explain once again and say im sorry...or, sometimes to express my condolences to someone for a death in their family, etc-like that proves WHAT, bobbi?

Julie wouldnt have said a negative word to you had you not seen fit to have a public fit about me, the man she loves and who is already her husband in her heart as she is already my wife in my heart. She could read your angry post and also read between the lines..that wasnt just a 'best friend' who hadnt been able to contact her friend, it was far more than that and completely unnecessary to post for all to she followed suit and said what she felt, but without any BS or dishonesty...and I did soon after and now.

Re: Bob is teaching us a civics lesson!

oh baby, im hugging you with my heart because i love you and i know that this was a very difficult thing for you to do. you know i have had times when i haven't been happy about her still hanging around but i had come to terms with it and even spoke to her on the phone. but she went way beyond the pale this time.
thankyou for loving me and supporting me, kisssssss

i hope you are satisfied Bobbi, Bob's well and truly hurt, but wide awake.