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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Is there any truth to this?

I heard somewhere that Dick Cheney proposed to someone that we dress up people to look like Iranians so that he could justify going to war or at least striking at Iran?

Now, don't get me wrong, that is probably where we should have been focussed to begin with when we went to Iraq to secure our troops interests, but isn't this the boy who cried wolf one too many times? And telling lies to get us into another war will only break what little credibility we have with the world and our allies. We already lied once to go to war. Let's not over-extend ourselves with Iran. Maybe if we weren't so over-extended now we would be stronger and able to deal with Iran. And we heard the whole "nuclear and biological threat" dance before too. Let's get real evidence this time and not made up meetings and evidence. Maybe oil is just the byproduct of our real intentions in Iraq. Maybe getting closer to Iran was the real objective. Having a permanent base in the middle east was our goal. Who knows anymore. If someone from our government said that Ahmed was outside my door with a dirty bomb, I would check to see if he was only holding a stinky diaper instead.

I don't know if the rumor I heard has any merit, but knowing the poo that comes from our "esteemed" oval office, it is believable even if it turns out not to be true. It sounds like something they would do.


Re: Is there any truth to this?

I certainly hope it isn't true. It sounds a lot like the Nazis, faking an attack by Polish troops so they could invade the country. They dressed concentration camp inmates in Polish uniforms, and left their bodies at the scene, as "proof."
It says a lot that we would even wonder if this is true. It shows how low this administration's credibility has sunk.

Re: Is there any truth to this?

This is realy ridiculus. It would be like saying dress up someone to look like a north dakotan and attack Ninnesota. The people in ND dress the same as the people in Minn. The people of Iraq nd thw pwoplw of Iran dress the same, The thing the problem with Iran is their nuclear weapons work. Except for that they pose no threat to anyone. But with nuclear weapons they can destroy this country. And they can do it in a way no one will be able to stop. I would say that if the U s can find how they get into those under ground facilitys drop a few 500 lb bombs into the passageways. if we can drop mislles onto the al quida from thousnads of feet with uav's we can hit their entrances to the underground facilitys.

Re: Is there any truth to this?

I thought Obama wanted to invade Iran!

Re: Is there any truth to this?

Teri: The issue isn't "should we invade Iran." It is should we create a fake incident. If we have good and sufficient reasons, we may take action against Iran. The reasons should be stated before America and the World. A fake incident will eventually be uncovered. This would further erode our already weak moral standing in the world; and could trigger a nuclear exchange.
Duane's statement was also based on whether we can pinpoint ALL of the targets. I don't know the state of Iranian nuclear weaponry; but if we missed even one loaded missile, they would be sure to use it. I agree with Duane on the point that if we find it neccessary to strike, we should strike accurately and fast.