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THIS website is a private SUPPORT SITE for 4th ID veterans, active duty soldiers, family members, friends and everyone who supports our troops no matter how you feel about our leaders. Troublemakers, gossips. trolls, liars, etc are NOT welcome here. Posts that defame,, humiliate and/or intimidate other posters or the webmaster will be deleted without notice or comment. Please read the rules on the Main Page, thank you!
This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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New mcCain Obama add

kind of interesting, surprised that McCain approved this.

Re: New mcCain Obama add

I watched the ad and I was amused by it's infantile message. I'm still trying to figure out who McCain's staff is trying to reach. Last I heard 13 year old's can't vote.

P.S. I told a friend a few months ago, that I wondered when someone will dube Obama the "Anti-Christ."

John R...

Re: New mcCain Obama add

I'm not surprised a bit.

You could have predicted this these kind of ads were going to come out when those Idiots that worked for Karl Rove entered into the McCain campaign and McCain is so old and senile he just goes along with anything the Bush people want. I guess he isn't in charge of his own campaign anymore. JohnR right it must be very appealing to 13 year olds, I bet they are laughing all the way to the Video Arcades!

I think John McCain has just joined Ted Stevens and Karl Rove on a trip over Ted Stevens, "Bridge To Nowhere"!

What a Bunch of LOOOOOOSERS!