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THIS website is a private SUPPORT SITE for 4th ID veterans, active duty soldiers, family members, friends and everyone who supports our troops no matter how you feel about our leaders. Troublemakers, gossips. trolls, liars, etc are NOT welcome here. Posts that defame,, humiliate and/or intimidate other posters or the webmaster will be deleted without notice or comment. Please read the rules on the Main Page, thank you!
This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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here's your update Bob

Hello everyone,

I hope this email finds everyone in good health. Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching. Bob, Ken and I wanted to find out if anyone was interested in meeting up again in Branson during the Veterans Day festivities. I believe that everyone that came last year can attest to what a rewarding experience it was. This year it starts on Wed, Nov 5 and goes through Veterans Day, Tues, Nov 11. We’ll all probably arrive on Sat, Nov 8. Sue and I will be going home on Wed, Nov 12 and Ken, Lois, Bob and Brinda will probably go home on Friday or Saturday . We would like to participate in the parade this year which takes place on Tues, Nov 11 starting at 11:00 am, as well as the “free” Tony Orlando Yellow Ribbon Show that same day at 2:00 pm (tickets are limited). There is also a closing banquet or dinner that evening. Below is a link to their website as well as an itinerary for Tues, Nov 11.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 (Veterans Day)
11:00 a.m. (1100 hrs)
74th annual Veterans Day Parade sponsored by American Legion Post 220 through downtown Branson. For parade information contact American Legion Post 220 at 417-334-2296.
2:00 p.m. (1400 hrs)
"FREE" Tony Orlando Yellow Ribbon Show at the Welk Theater. Please contact the Welk Theater for tickets. 417-337-7469.
5:00 p.m. (1700 hrs)
Closing Banquet or Dinner TBD.

I also wanted to tell you about another 1/8 4ID reunion. A few weeks ago while I was up at my local VA Center Hospital, I saw a fellow with a 4th Division hat. I introduced myself and it turns out he was in A Co/1/8 from 3/67-3/68. He told me they have a group of A & B company guys that get together once a year. They are not a chapter of the 4ID National Association, just a group they have formed on their own. Their purpose is to bond with fellow infantry grunts and help each other out. They have been trying to find C company vets to join, but up until now, have had no luck. They would be proud to have any of us join their group. Coincidentally, they are also meeting in Branson this year from Wed, Oct 16 through Sat, Oct 18 (last year they met in Texas). Sue and I plan to attend this get together also. If you cannot make it to the Nov 8-11 get together, maybe you can make it to this one (or both). Due to prior commitments, we cannot arrive until early Friday morning and will go home on Sunday. They have gotten a special group rate at the Radisson ($89/might). Below is a link to their website.

Please let us know at your earliest convenience your interest in joining us this year. As I mentioned above, last year’s get together was quite a rewarding experience and we hope some of you who could not make last year will join us this year. As I have mentioned in the past, I know most of us don’t really know or remember each other, but we were all there at the same time, on those same hills and fought the same battles side-by-side together. Because of this, we have a very unique bond and brotherhood. Most of us probably have suppressed feelings about this time in our young lives, but it’s time we come together and embrace our past experiences and start the healing process. We all remember the same sights, sounds, smells, fears, laughs, and horrors of that war, but that is what bonds us as a band of brothers to the death. This whole experience has helped me tremendously.

Take care brothers and God Bless you,

Andy, Bob, and Ken

Andy Day Bob (Arkie) Robbins Ken Oostenink
4068 Marseille Drive 102 Clover Ridge Court 309 NE 32nd Court
St. Louis, MO 63129 Hot Springs, AR 71913 Ankeny, IA 50021
314-892-6035 501-760-2550 515-964-1604
314-757-6035 (c) 501-318-3332 (c) 515-689-3770 (c)

My best to you and Julie Bro,
Bullits live on.