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I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

August 21, 2008 9:42 AM

The campaigns of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, and John McCain, R-Ariz., today announced they'd agreed to the general framework for three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate this Fall.

A joint statement issued by both camps claims the "campaigns have come to the earliest agreement on presidential debates reached in any general election in recent history." The terms were negotiated by Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Illinois, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC.

None of the presidential debates are taking place in a battleground state, which seems dumb. Two are taking place in the South, but none in New Orelans, despite the pleas of local officials.

Two of the moderators will be from PBS, and nome will be from ABC News, which also seems quite idiotic to me.

All four debates will begin at 9pm ET, and last for 90 minutes.

The sked, format, etc. etc., is as follows:

Sept 26: First presidential debate:
*Site: University of Mississippi
*Topic: Foreign Policy & National Security
*Moderator: Jim Lehrer, PBS
*Staging: Podium debate
*Answer Format: The debate will be broken into nine, 9-minute segments. The moderator will introduce a topic and allow each candidate 2 minutes to comment. After these initial answers, the moderator will facilitate an open discussion of the topic for the remaining 5 minutes, ensuring that both candidates receive an equal amount of time to comment

Oct 2:.Vice Presidential debate
*Site: Washington University (St. Louis)
*Moderator: Gwen Ifill, PBS
*Staging/Answer Format: To be resolved after both parties’ Vice Presidential nominees are selected.

Oct 7:.Second presidential debate
*Site: Belmont University (Nashville, Tenn.)
*Moderator: Tom Brokaw, NBC
*Staging: Town Hall debate
*Format: The moderator will call on members of the audience (and draw questions from the internet). Each candidate will have 2 minutes to respond to each question. Following those initial answers, the moderator will invite the candidates to respond to the previous answers, for a total of 1 minute, ensuring that both candidates receive an equal amount of time to comment. In the spirit of the Town Hall, all questions will come from the audience (or internet), and not the moderator.

Oct 15:.Third presidential debate
*Site: Hofstra University (Long Island, NY)
*Topic: Domestic and Economic policy
*Moderator: Bob Schieffer, CBS
*Staging: Candidates will be seated at a table
*Answer Format: Same as First Presidential Debate
*Closing Statements: At the end of this debate (only) each candidate shall have the opportunity for a 90 second closing statement.

Re: McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

I wonder if Exxon John will have to ask some advisor later, "Can you tell me,How many Debates Do I have, I seem to have forgot"?

Re: McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

And this is from Communist china oil co. jinx. Do you have any idea how many jobs the oil industry provide in the uNited states. How many more there would be if those AMERICAN companys coukld drill and provide oil for the american people. There would be tens of thousands. How many would the chinese oil company provide when they or russia starts drilling in the waters off florida , How much assistance will china or russia provide when the have a blowout and it strikes florida's beaches. How many democrats like you will call for the communists to restore those beaches? None.

Re: McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

Well shoot, Jinks, you know that you have to give McCain a break. After all, he was a POW 40 years ago and he wasn't concerned about how many debates he was going to be involved in (or how many houses he owns or what kind of car he rides around in).

The dude thinks that if he can get elected president, he will finally outrank his father. Must be hell to have that kind of drive running one's life.

Re: McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

First of all,, like I said a million times before China isn't the only country that is in the bidding process, Canada is another along with other European countries bidding on Oil in "CUBAN OWNED TERRITORY".

Second, My post was made toward the upcoming debates and "Exxon John McFossil" remembering where he is supposed to be on various nights. Not on your ridiculous Pro-Oil RANT.

Third, I think that the Expanding of Oil Drilling won't be avoided, I think that now it will someday happen. I also think it will be as close as 50 miles off the coast of Florida. I also have heard from very good sources, that the Republican Congress along with the Oil Companies have put an offer on the table that Florida will receive as much as 37% Royalties on the deal. Something like They Offered Alaska!

Other Gulf States will undoubtedly be very dissatisfied with their deals of 18.5% so I'm sure that the Oil Companies will up their Royalties also.

Other things offered are Multi-Million Dollar Beach Clean up Cash Bonds in the event of an oil spill to be put up before any Drilling begins for each Producing Rig.

Forth, I'm not a Democrat I am an Independent and have been for many years. But I can still think like a Greedy Republican and recognize a Sweet Deal offer from the Oil Companies. 37% Ain't Chicken Feed.

Fifth and last, I still think that John McLost will get lost on Debate Night!

BTW- After all this I wonder what a Gallon of gas will Cost? I say ask the Greedy Republicans, their the ones that came up with the Idea.

Re: McCain and Obama Reach Agreement on Debates

One last Comment.

US Oil Companies could have been in on the Cuban Oil Bidding and could very well been actively in the search right now. They were all invited to the show by Cuba. But due to the Embargo that Bush and the rest of the Republicans keep insisting on they were kept from the Bidding.

So Duane, Don't Bit-ch to me about a Problem that your own Party is Responsible for!