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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Sarah palins acceptance speech

I really enjoyed Sarah Palins speech last night. she showed that she is a real AMERICAN. She also did figuratively with words what Je$$ie jackson wants to do with a knife. Cut his nuts out.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Interesting Speech. I especially liked the part where she said Washington "Needs Change", OOPS! She must have forgotten that the bag of Sh-it in the White House that's running the show for the last 8 years is from her own party and the "Maverick" has supported him all the way.

Also all she blabbed about was slamming the opposition and didn't happen to mention the issues that Americans are facing or any idea of just how she would deal with them.

I kept waiting for her to talk about Taxing the Oil Companies like she did in Alaska and making them pay all the bills. Guess, that might have been Bad Timing!

Maverick's?......Naa! Just a couple Horses A$$es!

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Yeah, yeah, real American. Well, I will give you that she proved that she was a real republican American - in national politics for less than a week and she proved that she can lie with the best of them.

Against earmarks? Sure she was, unless they were for Alaska - the earmarks that she asked for gave Alaska more Federal lolly per capita than any other state in the union. And that doesn't even count the millions in earmarks that she got Abramoff's lobbyist to get for her while she was mayor of that little town.

Against the Bridge to Nowhere? Sure she was..after being for it until it made Alaska a national laughingstock.

Took on Stevens? Sure she did - as one of the directors of his 527 PAC that raised and spent money to get him reelected. Once again, she was for him until she saw a chance to use being against him to advance her own career - another typical republican move.

And don't you love the way that she and the Republicans are now going all out to try to stonewall the abuse of power investigation that the legislature in Alaska had started before McCain decided to roll the dice with her?

Yep, just another typical republican politician.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

On 4 November, 2008 The American People will elect a President and vice president. The President will appoint a cabinet. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

hey you guys forgot to mention that her daughter is pregnant and that she has a baby boy with downs syndrome. Other democrats like alan Colmes have made big on that. Do you guys want to be left behind?
She and her family will be living in the vice presidents house . The natl observatory. and Mccain will be in the white house . If they arent the United states is doomed. And do you think any company can be taxed confiscated out of existence and still pay all your bills. why not have the kennedys and Taa ree sa Heinz forfeit her fortunes. She has a personal fortune of billions of dollars. Those oil companys are owned by individual stock holders . You guys want a USSR. In which YOU own every bit of property. Except it wont be you it will be the messiah and his queen who will own everything.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Hey! She was the one that did the Tax thing on the Oil Companies, last time I checked she was a Republican.

All of a sudden all your side seems to forget what she did.

However, I am sure that Biden won't forget it in the Debate.

Then like Grant says in Nov. the Voters of the United States will Decide and be the final Judge.

As for dragging $hit out about the families, No one is better than that than the Republicans. I still remember what Bush did to McCain. Spreading rumors to the news about McCains adopted Daughter. I remember that they said that McCain was really the Father of this "Black Child" from an illicit affair.

So what does McCain do, supports the very man responsible for doing that to him to the max, Doing this, He sold out every inch of integrity he ever had. The day he appeared with the Head Chimp and accepted his endorsement with a smile, He sold out!

As far as me saying things about Palin's Family I think I will leave that to "Republican Dirt Bags" like you, because your obviously MUCH MORE Skilled at it than I am.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

More comedy, Quano? I have no idea what Colmes said about anything - Colmes works for Fox News - something no democrat with integrity would ever do, so nobody really considers him any kind of liberal.

But it seems to me that the only people doing any serious talking about Palin's kids are jerkoffs like you - and you are only talking about them because you want to pretend that liberals are talking about them.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

I love it, when people on the site report about the liars and cheaters who run this country. Hell yeah lets vote some more liars and cheaters into office this year.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Don't worry, Robert, we will - we always do. In the American system, what we strive for is to get the people who will likely do the least harm into office.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

JackB please tell me who it is, this way I can cast a vote that means something.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Well, for me it is the democrats. I haven't been very happy with them lately. If they were serious about looking out for the country, they would have impeached Bush and Cheney before now and they would have reversed that silly-assed law that did away with habeas corpus and that allowed the government to lock up American citizens on nothing but some politician's say so.

On the other hand, I am less afraid of the total destruction of the republic under their rule.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

There was nor is there a law that does away with habeas corpus in the united states and for americans , Jack B is of the idea that anyone and everyone anywhere in the world esp. Islamiic terrorists are protected by the United states constitution. He would coddle the ones who will kill every american because he has decided it is the only way to remove Bush from office. and usher in a new era for the united states. Rule by muslims. Yesterday HUSSIEN obama refered to HIS muslim faith. He was speaking from the heart. He meant it. George Stepanopilis had to correct him

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Duane, you are a liar. For anyone else, I might assume simple ignorance. I then would suggest that that the individual actually take the trouble to read the law and see that it applies to ANYBODY - there is absolutely nothing in that law that excludes American Citizens from the application of the law. It is easy enough to do, and the language is quite clear.

But your ignorance is willful and intentional - you refuse to know anything that disagrees with what you would prefer to believe. And you prefer to lie.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

The law is called "The Patriot Act." A high sounding name for an un-American piece of legislation.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

once again Jack b tell me and everyone just how many tens of thousands of americans citizens have been deprived of their rights. Name them. the u s consttution allows the right of habeous corpous to be set aside in the event of invasion or rebellion .
That is how lincoln and FdR set aside the right of habeous corpos in their times. But it hasnt been done now. as i said you and most other democrats would give this country and its people to terrorism if that would ensure that Bush was no longer President on 1-22 -09.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

Your turn, Quano. Name every invasion or rebellion since the Civil War that would justify abandoning habeas corpus.

And, just for your information, since it is not at all clear that you are capable of grasping it on your own - invasions refers to the U.S. being invaded, not the U.S. invading other countries.

Re: Sarah palins acceptance speech

For the record: FDR never suspended habeas corpus.