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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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citizen in ohio

on hannity and co,es a couple of minutes ago . there was a man wearing a sweat shirt looked like a ordinary working man. he asked Hussien if husssien was going to raise his taxes. I guess the guy was plumber and sucessful. Anyway Hussien said he was going to spread the wealth so the the people behind this fellow could enjoy the fruits of his hard work.
Hussien and the democrats dont want anything more created. No more wealth no more cattle reiased no more cotton . Just spread the wealth. But Hussien didnt say he was going to spread the wealth of Taaa-rez-aaa Heinz and her boy toy that democratic icon horse face hanoi john. Or Tiger woods wealth or any basketball stars recieving milliopns of dollars and deservedly so fro they can fill the stands win thye games. BUT HE IS GOING TO SPREAD THE WEALTH OF THIS WHITE GUY BECAUSE HE IS WILLING TO WORK HARD.

Re: citizen in ohio

Hannity also supports Hal Turner who said on December 14, 2007: "I am looking for volunteers from the Klan, Aryan Nations, Nazis and Skinheads to join me in Baltimore this weekend for some good old vigilante justice".

Hannity is nothing more than a "Fox Pimp"..In a $2000 Dollar bad fitting suit!

Re: citizen in ohio

Only a racist would distinguish between rich white people and rich black people as far as taxes are concerned. That means you, Quano - you are a racist pig.

Obama has been very clear about his intended tax policy. If you make less than $250,000 dollars, you will get a tax cut. If you make more, you will likely see a tax increase.

America's income taxes - and property taxes, for that matter - have always been designed as tools for redistribution of wealth. In a perfect world, where business owners shared the wealth genereated by their workers with their workers, that would not be necessary. In America it has always been necessary.

Re: citizen in ohio

How Much Would You Pay in Taxes?
Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain both say they’ll cut federal taxes if elected. Here’s what their proposals would mean for you.

Obama McCain
If you make... you'd
save... you'd
less than $19,000 $567 $21
$19,000-$37,600 $892 $118
$37,600-$66,400 $1118 $325
$66,400-$111,600 $1264 $994
$111,600-$161,000 $2135 $2584


If you're in the top 5% of earners... you'd pay
an extra... you'd
$227,000-$603,400 $121 $8159
$603,400-$2.87 million $93,709 $48,862
more than $2.87 million $542,882 $290,708

*Source: Tax Policy Center. Numbers have been rounded. For complete details, go to

If your annual salary is less than $112,000, you’d pay less in taxes under Obama’s plan; if your salary is higher, McCain would cut your taxes more. “While the aggregate tax cut is bigger for McCain, a larger number of voters get more money under Obama,” says Alan Viard, a tax-policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “Obama is choosing to emphasize tax cuts for the middle class, whereas McCain’s strategy is to keep rates lower at the top as a way to facilitate long-run growth.” For example, a person with an income of $1 million could see his taxes increase under Obama by as much as $94,000, whereas under McCain’s plan he could save about $48,000.

— Rebecca Davis O'Brien

Then they have a number of comments, and since this is a conservative publication, the comments are conservative, most fools saying this won't work because Obama isn't gonna keep the Bush tax cuts, which these fools think are helping the people under $200,000 per year, when in fact it helps the people WAY over that figure. But they are going along supporting McCain because they believe Bush has cut their taxes! Some people are not even teachable. Note only when you get up to $111,000 would McCain's plan do you more good. I don't think that is anywhere the average annual earning, do you? So all those guys in pick-up trucks have been bamboozled, that being because they aren't very smart. But your friends could well be in the income bracket that they are up where they will do worse with Obama and better with McCain. At least from the sound of the house they had. Unless they are some of the many "house-poor." More house than they can afford.

Re: citizen in ohio

Hey drano. How many ruffles and hoh many florishes will president Obama be entitled to

Re: citizen in ohio

jackie boy you are a communist. when american workers get paid 25 30 dollars an hour with no investment inm the company. they get paod very well . of course there are instances when the wages get too out of line and cause the companys to go down the drain as is happening in the auto industry . ford G M chrysler all have about 1500 dollars health care in their cars. thats why when toyota and other foreign companys established [plants in this country. they went ro kentucky alabama the workers get as much salary as in detroit but the workers are not controlled by union bosses so they dont want to destroy the companys. To establish the socialist workers paradise that you are in favor of . in which no one has anything except you and Hussien obama .
iknow you have no faith in the free enterprise system that made this country the most prosperous country in the world.
Hussien obama will take every bit of prosperity from this country for he has never had a job except for the one william ayers .His good friend who wanted to destroy this country who set bombs intending to kill americans. His motto was "kill your parents" destroy everything. He has never changed. Obama agreed with him on his actions trying to kill americans and no doubt you also do.

Re: citizen in ohio

Well, then, Quano, I guess that you would have to say that every Congressman, Senator, and president that ever had anything to do with the American tax system was a communists.

And I reckon that you must be really ****** off that the government is nationalizing the American banking system in order to save our capitalist system after the unfettered greed of a bunch of American capitalists set us on the road to a second depression. But those businessmen that that you worship were quick enough to scream for a welfare hand out when it was their pocketbooks at risk, weren't they?

As for the rest of your poppycock, with very, very, few exceptions, businesses do not make any policy or decision in order to benefit their workers. They do what they do to improve their profits. That is why for the past 8 years, wages have lost value while the rich have gotten richer.

I think that the owner owes a fair wage to the workers without whom he would never achieve his business goals or his wealth. If that sounds wrong to you, then I suggest that the problem is yours, not mine.