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I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Seems Joe the non-plumber is exactly that " not a plumber' I had that feeling listening to him

Legally speaking, Wurzelbacher isn’t a plumber,
because he isn’t licensed by Toledo, Lucas County or the state of Ohio.

A representative of the Toledo Building Inspection Division said a plumber must be registered with the state and only then can apply for a city plumbing contractor’s license.

Wurzelbacher said he worked under the license held by his boss, Al Newell of Newell Plumbing and Heating Co. of Toledo. Newell is a licensed plumbing contractor in Toledo, records show. But anyone working under Newell should have a journeyman’s plumbing license or an apprenticeship license, officials said.

Building Inspection officials said Newell was responsible for making sure that anyone working under him was licensed.

The Toledo Plumbing Board of Control may consider sanctions against Wurzelbacher or Newell, officials told NBC affiliate WNWO of Toledo.

Wurzelbacher also acknowledged that he had no specific plans for buying Newell’s business, saying he and Newell had simply talked about the idea from time to time. He might have difficulty making the purchase: Court records from his divorce show that Wurzelbacher made $40,000 in 2006.

Wurzelbacher, a registered Republican, refused to say whom he would vote for

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

I guess that Ohio Contracting Laws are different than the Laws in California.

In Cal if you own a Contracting Company , and contract for more than 300 Dollars per job You MUST hold a State Contractors License and Your License number must be on all your Company contracts.

HOWEVER,,,Your Employees do not have to have a License in that field because they work for your Company and under Your Contractor license number. As far as a Journeymen license or apprentice license there's no such thing in Cal. There is a Certificate of apprenticeship to show that you have attended School and served at least 4 years on the job to become a Journeyman, but that's not a Licence. If you are a Licensed Contractor you can hire anyone you want to at any experience level. If they screw up, your license Number gets the Complaint because they are your employee.

Most state contracting laws follow about the same guidelines, so I have to question the Ohio so called Building Officials remarks on this one, maybe I am wrong but I got a feeling that they are referring to Joe as a "Subcontractor" or independent Contractor' who would then have to be Licensed other than an employee, he said he is an Employee.

What I would suggest Joe really do now is if he has his four years experience in, is go take the test for his own Contractors Plumbing License and start his own Plumbing Service even if its only a one man operation.

Because he may not know it but he just got about 100 Million Dollars free advertisement and everyone in Ohio knows "Joe the Plumber"!

Strike While the iron is Hot Joe, opportunity like this probably won't ever come around again.

If you have ever owned a Construction Company, I don't have to tell you just how much mass exposure like this would mean to your Business!!!!

BTW--In all my years in owning and operating my own Construction Company, "I seen VERY FEW "Building Officials" that really knew what he was talking about"!!!!

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

From what I've read, the state does not require that an employee have a license; but the municipality (Toledo) does.
It all strikes me as much ado over nothing.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Your right Doc. Most municipality workers are Journeyman Tradesmen.

There's a lot of stuff being made over Joe the Plumber but I think he's just the regular guy that has things on his mind and never gets to say them but now has the opportunity to Voice his opinion. The problem is after you have been spotlighted on a Debate like last night the next day your put under the Media Public Microscope and they seem to find out everything about you right down to the type of underwear you wear! That's BS I think..

But Fame does have its drawbacks, doesn't it!

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber appears that Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, alias Joe the plumber, was something of a star on the local conservative radio talk show in his area well before he decided to try and sandbag Obama.

I do not believe that he was just an unsuspecting working dude, but rather suspect that he knew exactly what he was doing when he approached Obama with his totally fictionalized scenario.

I also suspect, though, that he was playing it out to boost his chops with the local right wingers and that he was more than a little surprised when the TV trucks started parking on his lawn and people started digging through public records for the straight poop on him.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

hey where's our buddy Duane on this issue

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

I have a tendency to always give one the Benefit of the doubt.

Then read a little more about them.
I hate it when it turns out to be scene from the Batman Movie with the Joker telling the Crowd and acting like a Regular guy, "Who Do Ya Trust"?

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

here i am. Its obvious and understandable that jackie boy would assail theis man Joe Wurselbacer beacuse he dared to ask the great chosen one, shiny one the Messiah for the moslems a question . In jackie boys and the rest of the democrats no lowly anmerican has the right to ask him the shiny one questions.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Has McCain ever met this guy yet? Or has he just used his name for Political Reasons and cast him adrift in a boat with no ores?

I think that McCain should at least send him to school and help him get his State License after all McCains, McBlabbing about "Joe The Plumber". All I have heard McSame say on a late night show is,, "Sorry Joe"!

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Well hell, Quano, what have you got against old Joe that makes you call him a "lowly American"?

That said, it has been clear that the dude was playing a game in an attempt to trip Obama up in some way, and that most of what he said to Obama was a lie.

For example, he claimed that he was registered to vote, but not as either a Republican or a Democrat - a lie. He is registered as a Republican under his full name, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

He claimed that he was intending to buy the business that he worked for and that it made around $250,000 per year - looks like two lies. When pressed, he admitted that there was no specific plan or timeline for buying the business. And the guy that owns the business that good old Joe works for says that the business actually makes around $100,000 a year.

So there is no question that "Joe" is a fraud - the only real question remaining is whether old Joe was playing his game on his own hook or was he playing it as a plant for the McCain campaign?

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

jackie boy i used the term "lowly american " because im sure you consider him and any other american who dares question the great chosen one(chosen by Allah) the iranian Mullahs Hamas and every other terrorist anti american group to be just that.
i say more power to him use your freedom of speech because when Hussien siezes all the power in this country he will no longer have any rights. There will be very few loyal americans left in this country. A few of you will be left alive for awhile but most will be killed by the islanic terrorist hussien will bring here after he has ordered ghe americna armed forces to surrender to Islam.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

jaqui will you tell Mr WURSELBACHER that he is a fraud right up close to his face instead of hiding behind thousands of miles of telephone line. He appears to be a pretty hefty fellow, who could be easily riled by a pus like you maybe if he got his hands around your throat, he could do the world a favor. You accused Teri Cannavo of being a coward because she expressed a different view than yours. As i told her then you are the coward If you ever faced a man woman or child you would run like a scareds rabbit wetting and soiling yourself.
If you dont like this i have told you just how i can be found and that you can bring any number of your terrorist friends with you , you would need a bunch of them.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Quano, what you are doing is called "projection" in the pyschology trade. That is where you are taking your own characteristics and attempting to use them to describe somebody else.

Good old Joe the Plumber got cute in an effort to make himself a little bigger and he got caught at it, plain and simple. What the hell, he still got his 15 minutes of fame.

As for yourself, I find few things funnier than you trying to talk tough. Keep it up, I can use the laughs.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

and the largest plumbing union in the US supports, lets see......Senator Obama

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

jaqui you didnt say that if the man you call a fraud was stading in front of you you would say that he is a fraud right to his face. You know dammed good and well you wouldnt. You are a chicken s==t. You can sit behind that computer and type anything . Call women cowards because they disagree with you.
Its no wonder you are a democrat communist. Your late friend Saddam would be very proud of you.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Maybe it would be better to call him Joe The Republican.

He's a unlicensed Person that claims to be a plumber. After checking I ask this. Just how do you purchase a Plumbing Company and "Contract" with no License? You do not purchase the License from an Individual when you buy such a company. That Licensee had to take a state test and prove his Journeyman experience and the License cannot be sold to another. Joe needs a License in his own name Which involves him Proving His experience in that Trade as a Journeyman and taking the test and passing it!

You don't Buy a Construction Company then think, "I'll get my Licence Later", that's plain stupid because You can't run it Unlicensed!

I admit at first I thought Joe was getting a raw deal. But after checking this guys qualifications, I think he just had a Big Hard On for Obama and decided to just make up a bunch of sh-it about buying some company and being a "Plumber"!

Maybe he should have come clean and said, "I am an EMPLOYEE of a Plumbing Contractor and some day I would like to get My Licence and then Buy this company",,Would have saved him a lot of Embarrassment!

In the real Building Industry we call these guys a, "Handy Man"!

This guy is nothing more than a "Republican" Handyman,, Fraudulently Sporting a Plumbers Butt Crack!

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Quano, every now and then I just have to repeat what an insufferable horse's ass you are.

I can absolutely guarantee you that I will not say anyhthing about you - or Joe, or Bush, etc., etc, that I am not totally willing to say directly to you.

So, *******, is that clear enough for you?

And, by the way, just in case you don't realize it, you are sitting behind a screen yourself.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

somewhere I heard he was going for his masters license. Don't you need your apprentice first?

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Most State License Qualifications state 4 years of "Journeyman Experience". You get Statements of that Qualification from Licensed Contractors that you were Employed by. Apprenticeships are mostly a Union Program.

In my Case it was 6 years because I held a General Contractors "B",,Lic. I also held a Concrete Lic,, Roofing Lic and a General Contractor "A" Lic. For Grading and Subdivision.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber


I was going to Challenge Jack to a 20 Dollar Wager that someone was going to be called a Communist by Duane, on this thread!!!! But He already did it, so no bet....

You can call me a Communist, you can call me anything in the Book,,,,,,,

But Please, Don't call me a Fu*king Republican!! That's the ultimate Insult!

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Jinx that would be the nicest thing anyone ever said about you.

Re: McCain and Joe the "NON" plumber

Maybe back in 2000 when I voted that way.

But in no way now, NEVER.

I have changed my outlook considerably on Republicans, especially since I started reading the Republican Horse-sh-it you post!