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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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By Any Measure, Sarah Palin is a Radical Political and Religious Extremist


By Mark Karlin, Editor and Publisher of

October 5, 2008

It’s hard to believe that the corporate media is headlining Sarah Palin’s warmed-over-from-the-primaries Sean Hannity smears against Obama. But then again, according to the site Think Progress, the Mainstream Media Stand To Receive $1.44 Billion From McCain’s Tax Cuts.
While Palin, as the aerial presidential campaign wolf hunter, retreads disproven slander that Obama was somehow in league with an act committed by Bill Ayers when Palin was in the second grade -- so to speak -- and Obama was also in elementary school, the mainstream press ignores Palin’s extremely radical ties to extremist political and religious movements.

The corporate media shot down the notion that Palin was affiliated and supportive of the Alaskan Independence (Secessionist) Party by accepting the McCain campaign excuse that she has always been a registered Republican. But then explain this video from this year – 2008 – in which Governor Palin welcomes and praises the secessionist party during their convention in Fairbanks. Watch it. You can’t wish reality away, although Palin is superb at trying to blink it away.

Also, you can support and be supportive or a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, as you would the John Birch Society (and there is a photo from the '90s of Palin with John Birch Society literature), without having to have them as your registered political party. That appears to be the route that Sarah and Todd Palin have taken (although Todd is actually documented as officially declaring the AIP as his political party for awhile a few years back.) . But you know that’s just too "subtle" a distinction for the mainstream corporate press to grasp, so they rather recycle disproven slander against Obama than expose Palin’s radical present, not just her fanatical past.

As we noted in a BuzzFlash headline this weekend: "Palin Who Pals Around with the Alaska Independence (Secessionist) Party, Gets Blessed by a Nutcase Minister Who Protects Her from Witch Doctors, Listens to Speakers Who Believe Jews are ****ed, Calls the Iraq War Divinely Inspired (and More of Unacceptable Anti-American and Extremist Beliefs and Behavior) is Now Following the McCain Effort to Reawaken Old Discredited Smears on Obama. Palin is Just a Rabid Pit Bull. Forget the Lipstick." And that’s not even the half of her UnAmerican beliefs, not even a fifth of them.

But given the desperation of the McCain campaign because somehow – miraculously – reality has peaked through the crowds and many Americans are seeing the Grand Hypocrisy Party as the larcenous cabal that it is, Palin is being employed to resurrect the Obama slander that is only newsworthy because of the fact that the McCain campaign has run out of other lies to peddle.

Meanwhile, Palin – who is a believer in a renegade theology called "The Third Wave" that believes God has chosen certain people (her) to lead America into preparation for Armageddon, indeed that her ascension to the presidency is a prerequisite for End Times – is getting the kids gloves treatment from the national press (except for, unexpectedly, Katie Couric). Think of the billions of dollars that is spent on corporate news reporting and try to fathom that they covered the VP as a good "performance" on Palin’s part, without dealing with her complete deficiency in offering any plan or vision for America’s future. (Meanwhile, the "snap polls" that BuzzFlash received – admittedly unscientific – ALL showed that Biden won by at least 20% with the crucial Independent vote on every major issue.)

Remember that Palin was placed on the ticket, allegedly, because a rather secretive organization of far right evangelicals told the McCain campaign to appoint her V.P. or risk the formidable institutional backing and get out the vote support of the Armageddon crowd. McCain, seeing that he evoked all the enthusiasm of road kill, relented. This was the same group of radical evangelical "leaders" who anointed George W. Bush in a secret meeting (no media or taping equipment is allowed) in 2000. Remember, they didn't choose McCain; they chose to back Palin with the hope that she will soon succeed McCain.

Since then, Sarah Palin – in her own language of "Crack Barrel" expressions, scripted campaign slogans, and dropped sentences – has been running not for VP but for president.

As Frank Rich implies in another scintillating column on October 5, when the Governor accidentally said recently that she was running on the Palin-McCain ticket, she wasn’t kidding. Palin has said several things that contradict the McCain campaign message – and they don’t seem intentional to try and draw in a different group of voters.

In Colorado on Saturday, where she resurrected some slime against Obama -- from Sean Hannity and the gang -- she argued that the McCain campaign shouldn’t have given u

Re: By Any Measure, Sarah Palin is a Radical Political and Religious Extremist

Mike Ivy where do you drag thesedemocrat idiots from?
The big thing that you and every democrat hate about sarah palin is that she chose to let her latest child live even when she know that he would not be perfect. you democrats dont want american babys To live, perhaps if they are of arab descent. your hussien obama tried to prevent any american baby that somehow
survived an abortion from being afforded medical treatment that might alleviate that little human suffering. I doubt if any of you consider american babies human. thats why you and this guy consider her a fanatic because she and almost all americans choose life for infants instead of TORTUROUS death.