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I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Looks like this Idiot Berg wasted his money on two things. Fees for filing the Law suit and wasting his money on the book written by That Swift Boat SCUM BAG Jerome Corsi!


Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship
7 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's qualifications to be president.

U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick on Friday night rejected the suit by attorney Philip J. Berg, who alleged that Obama was not a U.S. citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency. Berg claimed that Obama is either a citizen of his father's native Kenya or became a citizen of Indonesia after he moved there as a boy.

Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother and a Kenyan father. His parents divorced and his mother married an Indonesian man.

Internet-fueled conspiracy theories question whether Obama is a "natural-born citizen" as required by the Constitution for a presidential candidate and whether he lost his citizenship while living abroad.

Surrick ruled that Berg lacked standing to bring the case, saying any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was "too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters."


Undergrad college records & thesis on Soviet Disarmament - recommended "surrendering" to Soviet Union
Disclosing his friends in his past for character references
Harvard grades
Ayer connections
Farahkan connections
Wright connections
ACORN tenure active membership w/ Ayers TODAY altering Obama's birth cert. - see
Ties with Muslim terrorist group who sponsored him into Harvard.
Michelle's Princeton thesis saying Islamic Sharia Law in U.S. would solve all world's problems.

Rules voters don't have standing to 'police' constitutional requirements for president....are you freaken kidding me?????

If the citizens of this country does not have the 'standing' to know whom they are being asked to vote for then WHO IN THE WIDE WORLD OF POLITICS DOES???

UNFREAKENBELIEVABLE that a Dumbocrat Judge can get away with dis-enfranchising the whole of America's electorate. Ja Whol Herr Dumbocrat Judge.

Good-bye FREE AMERICA it was nice knowing you for the past 59 years....

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Russ, I really thought you were smarter than to believe all the b/s that has been put out by the Republican party against Obama....many of your respected members of your party have seen the light...surprised that you have not seen through this, too.


Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Jinks it is amazing that some people can go on and on to an issue they knew was false, that Senator obama was born in the USA.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Russ isn't really all that stupid. He is simply exercising a very willful ignorance. He has in his heart a vision of how he thinks that the world ought to be - it is an overly romaticized view of how he thinks life used to be. And he will deny and fight to the death against anything that he sees as a threat to his romanticized vision of the life he wants.

That fight includes refusing to accept facts that clearly demonstrate he is wrong while enthusiastically accepting any notion, no matter how stupid or nonsensical that notion is.

For example, he knows that if any tiny element of these idiot notions that he supports were true, both the news media and the Republican Party would be trumpeting them across the universe. He knows that, but he prefers to pretend that there is a great liberal conspiracy that prevents it from happening.

A reasonable person would point out that if such a powerful group existed, they would have done something to preven the moron Bush and his handlers from driving the country into the ditch - but Russ would undoubtedly have some other tool to preven that notion from getting past his blinkers, too.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Well all I can say is that some of you may remember that when Obama first burst on the scene I was gladden to see someone besides a Bush or a Klinton running for office as the President.

I mean he falls under my thoughts on voting every incumbent out of office after his/her first term.


How ever Joy, I do my due diligence in finding out about the candidates. At first I was dismayed at want I learned about the ideology of the socialist Barrack Hussein Obama. Then my dismay turned to shock and what I've learned about Obama.

No, I agree that one can not visit the sins of the fathers onto the son, and that is not what I'm talking about.

How many even know how Obama won(?) his first election? How many of you know who Alice Palmer is and how Obama fed her to the wolves.

He won the Jr. Senators election by turning on not only Alice Palmer but continued on to challenge the other 4 Democrat-primary candidates petitions until all four threw in the towel. In short he used the courts to dis-qualify his opposition.

This man is no friend of fairness in elections.

I could go on and on about Obama and his ties to Tony Rezko (who is not Itailian, but Syrian) and Bill 'The Bomber' Ailes and his equally hideous wife, Bernardine Dohrn. How about Jerry Kellman, or how about Mike Kruglik, or how about Jean Rudd and let's not forget, for God's sake, Saul Olinsky.

I could list dozens more but WHY? All of you on this BB have chosen to elect this socialist into the office of the President.

But at least form a INFORMED OPINION, not one based on how much public largess you will benefit from the actions of an American hating socialist 'spreading the wealth around'.....

And I'm not racist I fully understand that Obama has as much WHITE blood in him, as BLACK blood.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

One of your problems from my perspective, Russ, is that your vision seems too narrow. You assume that we support Obama and his economic plans only because it benefits us personally. While I will certainly be happy to benefit from better government, that is not my actual goal. My hope is to presever the middle class and thereby make a better life possible for my descendants.

During the last 8 years, under the Republican model for economics - the idea that a full unregulated market would work perfectly - the national economy has looked strong and corporate profits have improved impressively. Unfortunately, the individuals whose work actually produced that wealth have not shared in it. Simply put, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

It is a fundamental principle of the American system that the benefits of economic growth shoul flow to those responsible for their creation. When your place in the income hierarchy plays a role in how fast your income grows, this principle is violated. When the groth in income becomes concentrated at the top of the income scale, as it is now, the people at the bottom of the scale have a much, much harder time pulling themselves and their families up by their own bootstraps. That is a direct threat to the lives of our future generations.

I don't know how you feel about it, but I do not want what seems to me to be the ultimate result of contuing on our present path - the creation of a ruling class and a peasant class.

I don't expect Obama to be any kind of saviour - but he almost certainly will beat the hell out of anything McCain would do. Plus we get some really cool social benefits from his election.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

What is really bad for anerican citizens in this judges ruling is that he said american citizens do not have stand ing in this case. Now just who do you suppose ths democrat judge feels would.
Alqueda ? He has ruled that americans have no rights in their own country leaving Hussien open to do just exactly anything he wants. Because in the coming congress in Hussiens world there will be noone to say no to him . No republicans in the congress no supreme court no U S armed forces. No media like fox news to balance the communist MSM. no nothing.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

No nothing? Not even old Quano? Come on, don't tease me like that.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Berg won't give up.

He will try and get this looked at by the Supreme Court. He probably will succeed. Make a big deal out of it right up until the day that they Strike it down and throw it out. I figure that should take about 15 Minutes.

Then Corsi will write a new book on the SC Judges and how The BUSH Controlled FBI, State Department, Justice Department never EVER Checked this stuff out and never bothered to talk to Berg and get this SUPER SECRET information that he is only Privy too.

I wonder if this Wingnut Berg will wear his Tin Foil Underwear and his Propeller Hat when he appears in front of the Supreme Court?

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Russ and Duane,

I don’t think you understand the definition of “legal standing”

The court ruled that Berg had "no standing" to challenge the qualifications of a candidate for president because he had not shown the requisite harm to himself.

“STANDING”- The legal right to initiate a lawsuit. To do so, a person must be sufficiently affected by the matter at hand, and there must be a case or controversy that can be resolved by legal action.

There are three requirements for Article III standing: (1) injury in fact, which means an invasion of a legally protected interest that is (a) concrete and particularized, and (b) actual or imminent, not conjectural or hypothetical; (2) a causal relationship between the injury and the challenged conduct, which means that the injury fairly can be traced to the challenged action of the defendant, and has not resulted from the independent action of some third party not before the court; and (3) a likelihood that the injury will be redressed by a favorable decision, which means that the prospect of obtaining relief from the injury as a result of a favorable ruling is not too speculative.

For more info:

I believe that item 1b in the brief definition above should add some clarity...providing you guys are willing to accept the facts and not blame the decline of the American Judicial system on some sound byte you heard on Hannity’s America or your other favorite guru Neil Boortz . Oops I almost forgot...I don’t want to leave out Duane’s favorite’s, Hamas, Al Qaeda et all...he always seems to know who they support.

BTW, this web site sucks...lots of risky cookies & spywear

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Havana that judge arbitraily threw out bergs case saying he had no standing in regard. Berg is an american citizen. the american Constitution states in its second Article (not the first as ol hairplug Joe Biden thinks)thatthe qualifications for President are 35 years of age and be a NATURAL born citizen obama did not present his actual birth certificate to the court, the Judge no doubt not wanting his throat cut threw the case out. You recall earlier this year obama did say that any one who got in his way did not know who they are messing with. This was in regard to the time obama's wife said she had never been proud of the United States. The Tennesee GOP put out ads featuring people who stated they had always been proud they were americans. That riled Hussien like it would his namesake.
Now last w/e Biden was being interviewed by Barbara west from kftv of orlando fl. she committed the ultimate sin asking anyone from the obama camp a question they had not cleared first. So Husssien refused to have any more interviews with that station.
Earlier today Neil cavoto had a democrat liberal talk radio show host on . This man said that the florida t v stion and barbara west should face far more punishment when Hussien gets complete copntrol of this country and both she and the station probably will. Very bad consequenses like anyone in the mideast is subjected to. Hussien learned well from his namesake.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

I had to help relocate a couple of stray Small gators that entered our lake to another lake this morning and I wore my waders so I wouldn't get Muddy.

After reading all the Bull Sh-it that Duane just posted I wish I would have kept them on!

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Yeah, you just have to love that Barbara West and her Biden interview. I hope that she sends that tape to Faux News - she could have a career there.

Too bad that he cleaned her clock, eh Quano? Too bad, too that she didn't disclose that her husband in a GOP media consultant.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Frack, Frack, Frack if that is your interruption of
that he (Biden) cleaned her clock then we have nothing to worry about that wussy.

It was more like a deer caught in the headlights and his pathetic little nervous laugh and his retort of 'was that a joke' was the ineptness we have come To expect for the 13 year old coal miner...LMAO

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

jaqui remember ths ol hairplug Joe bin biden has the uncanny ability to rewrite history. in an interview with katie couric live on cbs news he said that fdr went on tv in 1929 after the stock market crashed in oct 1929 to reassure the american public.
and he believed whaqt he was saying. it may habve been that he injested too much blow that day. The situation with Barbara Weat is that no opne is allowed to ask Binbiden and most especially THE ONE questions. She violated that edict and it could cost her her life in a n obama caliphate. for he warned that no one was to mess with him. Least of all an american.
Now jaqui you are like Bob Beckel. she said on fox and friedns this morning that her husband did some consulting work for dems and republican 20 yrs ago.
You and beckeland all democrats do not believe any one who disagrees with you should be alive and when you gain the power you want they wont be.

Re: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship

Buzz, buzz, buzz, more nothingness from the outhouse flies.