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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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Constitution 'reflected fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day'...

and this: 'I'm not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me'...appears Berry hates half the American population and I will allow you to decide for yourself WHICH half that he does hate.....


Well ****, if he can teach himself to hate about 60-70% more of America, he would almost be caught up with you!


jauqi Russ aka redleg doesnt hate any American. He disagrees with a number of them you included, but has a nd does say that all of them have the right to express their views freely. It is you , your cohorts who would deny others their rights.


Duane you are right I feel everyone has the right to his/her own opinions.

And no I don't hate Americans per se, it's just the socialists that claim to be Americans that risk my ire.


"I am not interested in the suburbs.." where in that sentence does he say he hates anything...geesh



Three quick points. #1. You are both lying through your asses about not hating anyone - and anybody who reads your posts here - or especially on Russ's board knows it very well. You are both, in fact, racists. Russ less virulently than Quano, perhaps - unless he is talking about Mexicans.

#2. Since you have previously stopped me from expressing my opinion on your board Russ, you should excuse me if I think that you are lying about that expression of opinion thing.

#3. Nobody that I know have ever tried to stop you from having or expressing your opinion. But there is no law of any kind in the universe that says that I have to treat a silly-assed opinion as if it is worth serious consideration or respect.


Jack why don't you get over it.

I could care less the a dry mouse fart what opinions you have of me.

As far as being racists is concerned SO THE F**K WHAT IF I AM.

You want to see racists then look no further then that azzhole's Wright's whole congregation.

Or Calypso Louie's Nation of Islam.

Is their some law that allows blacks to be openly racist without sanction but I can't abide having MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS flooding this nation????

Beside each one of you on this BB is racist in that you WANT this modern day slavery to continue so that you all can buy your cantaloupes for 50 cents cheaper THAT Bubba makes you a Hypocrite.

I despise slavery in what ever guises it is presented.


Hey, Russ, I don't really care what you think of my opinion one way or another - surely you have figured that out by now.

Racism is based on personal beliefs and actions, Russ. No entire segment of the population can be condemned on the basis of the actions of a member or even a group of members of that segment of the population.

You are a racist - I don't think that you act on it much beyond spewing your nastiness - but that nastiness makes your feelings pretty clear.

But the fact that you are a racist and that you are a white man from Pennsylvania does not mean that all white men from Pennsylvania are racists. Unfortunately, you don't seem able to apply that logic to anyone else. You are an all or none kind of guy. You are, no pun intended, a black and white kind of guy.

If a Muslim attacks America, then all Muslims are terrorists and enemies of America. If a black man says something that sounds racist toward white people, then all black people are racists.

I will bet, though, that you don't apply that same logic to your own cohort. Everybody knows that there are racist white people, but I bet that you have never claimed that all white people are racists.

Wright makes me uncomfortable, too. But you know what, I grew up in the south. And I can easily imagine that if I had grown up as a black man during that period, I could pretty easily have gone radical. So unless they actually act agains the public safety, I tend to give people some slack.


If a Muslim attacks America, then all Muslims are terrorists and enemies of America.

Why H*ll Jack that is how it works. A segment of Japan's society thought it would be cool to kill some Americans ergo the whole country is THE ENEMY.

Same-same the Germans Dude that is the world we live in.

Now as far as Muslims are concerned same-same. However with muslims I have seen the video and photos of the MASSES just jumping ugly about their HATERED for America.

Wright makes me uncomfortable, too. But you know what, I grew up in the south.

Well Bubba it wasn't until I was in the military before I learned about the southern tradition of Jim Crow. My own family back in the day FOUGHT and DIED in what, as your modern day apologists insist, was a war to FREE the slaves.

Yup Bubba you hit the nail on the head I am RACIST in that I hate anyone that causes harm to America from Hitler and Tojo to Osama Binforgotten.


Come on Russ, what do you get out of playing stupid (you are doing too good of a job of it)?

Let me see if I can explain this in terms that the Russ that you are pretending to be could understand.

The bad Japanese men that attacked America were part of the the military of a COUNTRY named Japan. They were not just out having a flying contest when they decided to bomb Pearl Harbor, they were sent there by their COUNTRY.

Same thing with those German NAZI fellows - they did their killing on behalf of their country's government.

Having a country declare war on you makes it okay to consider all inhabitants of that country to be your enemies.

The Muslims who attacked Americ did not represent any country's government. They were just a well organized, well financed gang. The majority of them were from Saudi Arabia. None of them were from either of the two countries that we invaded. None of them represented any other Muslim government.

You say that you hate anyone who hurts America, but you take it way, way beyond that. Nineteen Muslims attacked America and you have stated that they are all of the millions of them are terrorists - and that, bubba, is what makes you a racist.


Well racist or not, I have seen and heard that which is expressed in the expose know as "The Obsession".

If you think that it is only a handful of Muslims that wants to destroy America as we know it then you haven't heard a single thing that Calypso Louie over there in Chicago has been telling his cohorts of the Nation of Islam lo these many years.

You know Jack if you got you azz out of that enclave your have ensconced yourself in down there in the Northern Panhandle and took a trip with me through The Hill District of Pittsburgh I will guaran-****-tee you an epiphany the likes of which you have never experienced in your life.

There are whole sections of Pittsburgh that the police will not enter at night, short of a platoon.

I suggest you take those rose colored glasses off and get a dose of reality.


Yeah, Russ, that is the way to make an arguement. Pat me on the head and act as though I am some stay at home shrinking violet who never travels and doesn't understand anything about what it is like out there on the "real streets" of America.

Policing is a local job, done by local government. If your government in Pennsylvania is not doing their job, get off your ass and get a govenrment that will. If they can't afford to do the job because you fools are unwilling to pay for it, get to work getting them the dough (careful, though, you might havt to pay taxes) or sit down, shut up and live with it.


So, where are the darn vaults? This is the biggest disapointment since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone's "secret vault." Come to think of it, most of the charges made, by Russ and Duane, contain about as much substance as Al Capone's vault.


Doc you are one hilarious subversive.

I can see you all dressed up next Tuesday in your red beret and your best Che tee-shirt as you go about voting for the first committed Marxist to run for President of the United states of America.

I would just like to point out to your dense self that Berry Hussein Obama can not get the job done as fully on half of the American population has no intention of voting for that socialist fraud.

If you look at the latest Gallup polls (you know the unbiased poll)has Obama 49 and McCain 47 with undecided at just about 10.

Belies the lie that you would foist upon the gov'mint educated that The Chosen One has mass appeal...LMAO


See the response to the Gallup Polls post. Sorry, Russ but you are just whistling past the graveyard.

I do think that your crooks have been especially creative in your voter suppression activities this year. That flier in Virginia telling people that in order to releive the long lines at the polls, republicans would vote November 4th and democrats would vote on the 5th was cute.

And down in Miami, sending a messenger to old people's homes to collect their absentee ballots to save them having to go out and mail them - that was cute, too. And purging legal voters from the rolls - that is an old standard.

And telling college students in several states that it is illegal for them to vote where they are attending college...and so on and so on.

But despite your best efforts, I am starting to believe that the next 8 years are going to be hard for you mooks.


jaqui youn mean to say that your democrat people are so ill informed that they do not know what day the election is. that they will do what ever anyone will tell them regardless. You are probably right that is why they are denocrats. they do not know what is happening around them. No how about ACORN Hussien organization indicted and being investigate4d for voter fraud in a bunch of states. hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registrations perhaps millions. the secretary of state of ohio refusing to let thses registration to be checked to see if those registrations are valid. Naturally she is a democrat.
Democrats doing everything they can to ensure there is no way of checking if who ever is voting is the person who supposedly registered. the democrat mantra vote early vote often. Be charles in one precint Paul in another. and be the same person all the time .
And you know it. in montana one has to prove their idenity to vote so elections are fair and honest. Except when our fat denocrat governor gets involved , you see he is a democrat so naturally he has a tendency to steal.


No,Quano, what I said was that your party was stupid enough to think that they could get away with a silly stunt like that. Not only are the crooks, they are stupid crooks.