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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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hell from the theif


0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home (couples). McCain does not propose any change in existing home sales income tax.

28% on profit from ALL home sales.

How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain on taxes.
If you are heading toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income from their homes as part of their retirement income.


MCCAIN 15% (no change)

OBAMA 39.6%

How will this affect you? If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama become president. The experts predict that 'higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains would crash the stock market yet do absolutely nothing to cut the deficit.


MCCAIN (no changes)
Single making 30K - tax $4,500
Single making 50K - tax $12,500
Single making 75K - tax $18,750
Married making 60K- tax $9,000
Married making 75K - tax $18,750
Married making 125K - tax $31,250

(reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts)
Single making 30K - tax $8,400
Single making 50K - tax $14,000
Single making 75K - tax $23,250
Married making 60K - tax $16,800
Married making 75K - tax $21,000
Married making 125K - tax $38,750

Under Obama your taxes will more than double! How does this affect you? No explanation needed. This is pretty straight forward.


MCCAIN 0% (No change, Bush repealed this tax)

OBAMA Restore the inheritance tax

How does this affect you? Many families have lost businesses, farms, ranches, and homes that have been in their families for generations because they could not afford the inheritance tax. Those willing their assets to loved
ones will probably lose them to these taxes.


* New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet

* New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already)

* New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity)

* New taxes on retirement accounts

And last but not least....

* New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other
third-world countries!!!

Re: hell from the theif

Maybe you should have stopped at 2 beers - ten seem to have given you a tendency to spread bull****.

Re: hell from the theif

If Stalin was running as democrat would you vote for him???

and after all beer has nothing to do with some one who has NO common sence.

Re: hell from the theif

Three ruffles, Three flouashes, Hail to the Chief.

Re: hell from the theif

Nope, but the same is true about Bush and McCain - I am not against them because they are not Democrats, I am against them for what they believe and because I am sick and tired of having the ****ed make-believe conservatives driving my country into the ditch.

Besides, Stalin wasn't the kind to run for anything - but if he did, he would bit in much better with Dick Cheney than any democrat that has ever run.

And the stuff that you posted about taxes is still BS - in the sense of being made up crap.

Re: hell from the theif

jaqui you are opposed to Bush and Mc cain because they will defend the united states and not your terroriST FRIENDS . Because there has not been an attack on the soil of the united states. That is because of the fact the terrorists were caoptured and spilled the plans they had to kill americans . The Bush administration took steps to foil those plans saving american lives. YOU dont like that(saving american lives nor does any democrat). You seem to know an awful lot about how dictators stalin mao ho chi min Saddam think . How is that?
Now the numbers jeffro cited about the taxes are true . i save some paycheck stub from 2000 and 2003 and i got a federal tax cut. i am in the 25000 30000n bracket.

Re: hell from the theif

The numbers cited in the tax post are NOT true. I don't much care if you got a tax cut under Shrub or not. I seem to remember these numbers being posted back when they were first being passed - they were bull**** then - they were comparing apples and oranges - and they are bull**** now.

They are definitely a larger pile of bull**** because they fraudently present Obama's tax plan.

Really guys, I understand you disliking - or in a lot of cases, hating - Obama. But why can't you at least try to be honest in how you represent things like this? Lying really doesn't help your position and just makes you look like a bunch of *******es in the process.

Re: hell from the theif

Actually,The Email cited is Comprised from John McCain's Political adds. I read about it in more than one articles.

I would post the facts that explain why its untrue but it wouldn't do any good, really all you have to do is read the Obama Tax plan.

As far as Im concerned I have no Dog in this fight, I voted Early. I probably get 20 emails Pro-Obama and Pro-McCain from their Private off the wall groups every day and both sides stretch the facts. I already done my research and Like I say HAVE VOTED, So I just Block their Addresses and Spam them.

I think that Very few people are going to change their minds at this stage of the game.