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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

GOP poll watchers were ejected from several voting places. Now it si legal for each party to have poll watchers and illegal according to pa. law.
Now fox news had video of one of these voting places. In front of it were tw BIG BLACK panthers with billy clubs. They were in uniform and guess who they were trying to intimidate with those weapons?
Why do you suppose Hussien had them out there.
If hussien loses do you think he and his followers will accept the decision of the people . No of course not. there will be citys in flames hopefully the blacks will just burn down their own areas and kill their own people.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

If they were ejected, Quano, they violated the rules for poll watchers. Having been a poll watcher - and having attended training for poll watching this election, there are some very clear laws governing poll watching.

My work kept me from poll watching this time, but my wife and son are doing that job today. I guess that Obama must have forgotten to issue the billy clubs and uniforms for Florida.

Psst, Quano, loosen the straps on your tinfoil beanie, you are stopping blood flow to your brain again.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

And If Obama wins I guess the Whites will flock to the streets, Scratch up and Burn their Big White Suv's and then Break all their Tennis Rackets in Protest!

Duane's fantasies are so inspiring!

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

Hey Quano, here is why your poll busters were ejected:

Indiana Judge: GOP Poll Watchers Violated Court Order On Foreclosure Lists

An Indiana judge ruled on Tuesday that Republican poll watchers violated a court order regarding the correct process for challenging voters on election day, according to the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund.

In late October, Democrats and Republicans in Marion County were ordered not to use lists of voters who had been foreclosed on -- or who had been evicted from their homes -- as the sole basis of any election day challenge at the polls.

Like I said before Quano, if you guys want to be treated better, quit trying to cheat!

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

Hail to the chief. and the puppy too.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

Thanks JackB, and Jinks. As I recall the only scrambling, and running in the streets after His declared victory was all of the young Black and white Kids by the hundreds lining down Pensylvania Ave. in a huge
celebration. Had Obama lost, I really feel in My heart
that He and His supporters would have accepted the defeat along with Me. Like I said the time is right.
This is 2008 not 1978 or 88. I still have 2 Sons still
involved with the MiddleEast. As a parent I have had enough, and I think I speak for anyone else that have
any love one's there. Give it a chance will Ya! Good, bad, or in-different We are due a change.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

It's been very entertaining reading Your posts today.
guess it is about bed-time. be safe. Just hope like hell that I don't get sent on another one of those stupid ass ambush patrols tonight. Know what i mean?

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

My Brother in Illinois, told me the other night that he believed there would be a riot in Grant Park. I told him "No way." He of course had many reasons why he KNEW this would happen. (We've heard them all here before) I didn't argue. The facts have proven him wrong.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

Thanks for posting that Mad Doc....does my heart good!!

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

I guess living in Staten Island NY is an advantage. My wfe and I and our neighbors walked about 20 minutes to the school we vote at, no lines 5 minutes in and out and walked back home.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

jaqui the incident happened in pennsylvania . I knwo you know little about geography but indiana and pennsylvania are two entirely different states.
And there was no actions from the police because Pennsylvania is a democrat state and tyhe democrats are going to keep it that way whatever means they have to use.

Re: GOP pollwatcher ejected from phiadelpia voting places

Well excuse me, Quano, but you did not stipulate the location in your original post. Approved poll watchers are allowed by law - if a poll watcher was actually ejected from the polling place and can prove that they had not violated the rules for poll watching, then they should have gone straight to the Supervisor of Elections, or whatever office Pennsylvania has doing that job.

As for people standing outside the polling station, once they are more than 90 feet from the voting area, there isn't a hell of a lot that you can do about them unless they violate a law. If they do, then they should be dealt with appropriately.

We had several off-duty sherrifs standing outside our polling place - supposedly rallying for their sherrif who was up for reelection - but one them yelling at anybody wearing an Obama button (or hat, T-shirt, etc) - calling them names such as faggot, etc.

Apparently there are no shortages of *******s in any party or geographic areas.