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This forum has a long history, by interent standards anyway-unfortunately it has been abandoned for far too long due to real life circumstances knocking the heck out of what had been my very real desire to keep this board alive and well forever so that all of us could meet here and communicate with each other everyday.

I'm not sure that a forum like this is even needed nowadays since the advent of facebook, etc...but I hope that this once thriving BB does bring some of us back together again and that maybe some new folks will join us as well!   
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where are they.

Seems as if Draino, Teri, and Redleg have went off and crawl into a hole since the election.

Re: where are they.

We haven't gone anywhere Grant much to your chagrin.

We are just bidding our time waiting.

Now that you have brought up my name there grant let me ask YOU a question. Are you still going to reunions telling everyone that will listen, how you are collecting TWO, 100% Va disabilities with the accompanying Aid and Attendance?

And are you still boasting about how much money you manage to collect every month from the gov'mint.

You know if you heard the comments from other vets at the reunion you would keep your mouth shut.

Re: where are they.

Redleg...what a nasty hateful thing to say, when someone simply asked where you and Duane are hiding.

Republicans seem to always make a nasty personal comment, when they are up a tree and have no real reply.

You owe Grant an apology for saying such a hateful just shows how racist you truly are...if he were a white man....doubt that you would make that comment.

Joy, disappointed in your behavior!

Re: where are they.

Joy you don't know from which you speak.

I personally listened as Grant gleefully related to anyone that would listen how much and how he has gotten from the government.

The time and place was the weekend of July the 5th 2001. the place was the Sheraton International Hotel, Arlington, Va during a 4th inf. Div. Assn. reunion. We dedicated the u-veiling of the 4th Division Memorial on Arlington Boulevard.

Grant's race has nothing to do with this....and you are also wrong in that if I had proof any VETERAN was ripping off the system, thereby denying another veteran his lawful do, you can bet you last dollar I would drop a dime on the person in a heart-beat.

You people have got to get off this "RACE" thing. Everything in life isn't about race.

An apology??? Pray tell for what?? I just asked a simple question about a conversation of Grant's that I heard personally.

You are beginning to really be a piece of work, like Julie, getting all indignant over the truth....guess you can't handle the truth, like Bobbi can't handle freedom....

Re: where are they.

Redleg I will answer your Question. I do go to the reunions ev ery chance that I get . And most of the time I am the only African American there. But I want to show that there are black participants as members of the 4thIDA because you see bigot *******, Thare are also black bigot *******s that would like to say the the 4thIDA practice racial polarlization and segregation as a black bigot did in Berlin and had Both masonic lodges to loose army sanction and had to move from the beautiful lodge hall that we shared to the the german lodge lodge hall where they still to this day practice thruth relief and brotherly love together.. I try to tell everyone that will listen to me . What I have learned through struggle with the DVA about getting benifits that they are entiled too Many Veterans do not know what they are entiled to. Because of the severety of my disabilities I have been awarded SMC or SMA Most veterans know little about SMC or SMA or staturory factors Or the independent living program or Aid and attendence. Or what they or their children or wives are entiled too If this is bragging I will continue to bragg. I will continue to encourage Veterans to Take advantage of the benifits offered to him throug SBA or HUD or CCR to become a goverment vendor or registering as a Disabaled vet. There are vets that I have given information to that are now getting benifits because I advised them to have a National Service Organization to represent them instead of fighting DVA themselves. But it is no sense in trying to explain anything to you or your bigot buddies, Because as far as you are concerned. Grant is justa dumb coon.

Re: where are they.

Also Redleg. I have established a Web site that is primarily to provide information to Soldiers, Veterans and Educators with Information that I think will benifit them There is all the information that you would need to prepare yourself for a claim for Agent Orange PTSD and the gulf syndrome.Along with information on many hard to find topics that Soldiers and Veterans look for.

Re: where are they.

Redleg Since the arlington Reunion I have been awarded an additional 100% rating for Non Hoskins Lymphomaso I add another page of knowledge that I advise Veterans on such as when the are dianosed wit cancer to put in a expedited claim and I also advise Veterans with a medical discharge to apply for CRSC co that they can get a few dollars more of thier entitlements. And Redleg you did nottake in the fact that I serve 26 years in the army and I includ inmy income my pension for teaching young people to bbetter citizens for 19 years as an Army instructor In the JROTC program So Redleg I am not getting anything for nothing. And I raise children on army pay that pay more taxes combined than I made in my whole 26 years of service So good buddy I am not getting one penny more than I have earned. And I pray that my God allow me to hangaround and advise other Vets for a little while longer . and after I go , I pray that some knowledgelble vet will take up the slack.

Re: where are they.

Just a note to maybe clarify some of these other awards.

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)-- Its automatically awarded to a Veteran over and above the Normal Compensation, when the Veteran has Lost a Limb, sight, or any Vital Organ. Like I say its automatic and the DOD--VA goes by a special rate chart.

Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)-- That is an award for a qualifying Veteran that has enough years in service to retire and allows him to draw his Military Retirement and VA Comp without the VA Comp Offset because VA Comp and Retirement are two different awards. Also it allows those that have been Retired on Chapter 61 (Medical Retirement before 20 years) To draw what Retirement they have accumulated according to their Rank and Time in Service.

I was retired under Chapter 61 and I qualify for both above.

Don't know to much about the others that Grant listed, with the exception of SBA and the one that gives Veterans preference on Gov. Projects. I owned my own Construction Company for a number of years and could have taken advantage of that one, however I chose to work only the Private sector simply because the Money was much better, Besides the paperwork in the Construction Bidding and billing Process on Gov. stuff was a real MF, you needed a wheelbarrow to carry all the paperwork home.

I'm not butting in here but I Just wanted to try and clear up some misconceptions on a couple of the DOD-VA Compensation Programs.

Re: where are they. was rude...not matter how you try to cover it up....Grant has earned everything he receives and more....w/o getting a bunch of crap from people that he "thinks" are brothers.

No more conversation regarding your lack of respect towards Grant. You have to live with what you do and say.....I don't.


Re: where are they.

come on people stop this BS of attacking each other. We ar all brothers in arms and members of the mighty 4th Division...."steadfat and loyal" remember.

As far as receiving multiple awards it can be down and also additional moeny is available to Veterans who are disabled for one reason or another. It is also correct that a lot of Veterans do not know where to go, what to say or what to do.

I also assist Veterans with their disability when possible or turn them over to a friend of mine who is much more knowledgeable in these matters.

We are all here to help one another, blue board, green board, black board..I do not care what color..

Those of our brothers who are of color, multi racial etc are human beings and have walked the walk and can talk the talk...Those who are racists in this the 21st century should seriously consider some mental help....We are all adults [ i hope ] so lets act like one.

Re: where are they.

The funny thing is that I would bet that Russ has a couple of 100% ratings himself - at least he does if he has been honest with me in our converstations about the VA.

I have something like 140% myself - based on multiple qualified disabilities. So what? YThe VA doesn't pay for anything above 100% unless you qualify for one of the special awards that Jinks mentioned.

Re: where are they.

Wow didn't know my name was being thrown around here either.
If you must know Grant, my computer was down for 3 weeks so I didn't post anywhere, but be rest assured when it came back up, I was back on Red's board. I tried to ask a stupid question here before, just so I could see another side, but you get so dam ridiculed and called a racist that I keep trying to stay off this board.
I came here (4th ID Board) when my son was deployed for help. As a first time mom sending a child to war I was scared beyond belief. I stumbled across a board with the 4th ID and I met some very good friends there. Some of these friends helped me on my worst months of the deployment. That board was shut down due to the nastyness that started to fly on it. Alot was at me about my son, I was going through enough hell having him deployed I didn't need to get more here.
I am sure as a vet you know that everyone doesn't understand what you are going through. well that goes the same for a mom. Some people didn't give a fat rats ass that we were sending boys, girls, moms, dads etc over yet to another country to free people from a savage dictator. I guess I know from this side of the tracks it's for oil and to redeem the first Bush. What friggin ever. ALL I KNEW is that I knew nothing about getting from one day to the next without finding a dark place in the corner at work cry out of worry and pride for my only son. I had a 30 minute drive to and from work and a dumb ass song would come on the radio and I would start to bawl. So I used to come to these people for a shoulder.
I remeber a dark day when we were all on the IM and one of the gals got a visit from the chaplain, her husband wasn't dead yet, but she needed to get to Germany to say her good-byes. We knew that 3 of the boys in my sons unit had been killed when her husband had been so badly wounded. We all kept a vigil, all us moms, wives and girlfriends for 30 long heart wrenching hours to find out which one of our sons had been killed and you know what when I found out my son was alive, I smiled and instantly thought of the other moms who's sons weren't and felt guilty. How sick is that part of our brain that keeps us so close to our military family that we can't even be happy that our own family member is alive. This was the only place I could come where you vets Grant could understand that.
I don't care what color you are, when Obama said that he and his wife Michele attended several flag burning ceremonies and that he considered the flag a sign of oppression not freedom. I thought you SOB. How dare you say that and not give a crap about the blood of so many who gave you that right. At least honor them by honoring our symbol of freedom.
And even you as a vet have to think that if he gets all these yahoots behind him and can go ahead and yank the troops out of Iraq, even you as a vet has to think that is stupid.
I am not for war. Are you friggin crazy I don't know a single mom on the face of the planet that is. But if you're a football coach and you walk onto the field and go across and show the opposing team your playbook, you're gonna loose. What the hell's the difference with a friggin war plan???????
Yes WE THE DUMB GUN TOTIN CONSERVATIVES think that we should bring the troops home the sooner the better, but do it wisely. And for hell's sake don't let the enemy (terrorists) know the **** game plan.
Sorry if I sound racist, but that's how I feel.
I talked to a (friend of mine) Korean war Vet, this morning at work and he's in a wheelchair, so usually walk around with him and help him shop a bit and he asked me if I would think less of him if he'd voted for Obama and I told him "no" I understand this is a historic time for black people and he said well he said for as tempted as I was because of my color, I didn't because I don't trust him with our military. So he said don't think less of me cause I voted for Mcain. And we just laughed...
So you guys live your life and I will live mine, you guys have your opinions and I have mine. I know where my heart is and I know what my son told me when he came home from Iraq. Yes he may be just another story to you, but he was appalled at how much terror Sadam and his regiem did in that country. He saw where he killed the Olympic Soccor team. he saw rape and torture chambers. We just went in knowing nothing about a relgious war and how to get the hell out. We should have just sent a quiet little sniper team in and picked a bunch of them off one by one and quietly came out.
I know I sound like a stupid red neck who watched too many movies (Air Force One) LOL, my heart breaks for these kids who are maimed for life and families who have lost loved ones and my own son who can't sleep through the night and want's to go back to Iraq, but doesn't understand why. I just want Obama to understand that too.

Re: where are they.

I must say That I have been through areas of the DVA tha the average vet has not been through and I think that I should share the knowledge that I have gained with other Soldiers and Veteranan. Such as I would tell a Soldier planning his retirement. not to sign up for SBP. I would tell that potential retire about the assumtion of fitness if he is concidering a longevity or medical retireement and many other things that I did not know about when I retired I would tell a Soldier to document every injury or illness that they incurr or aggrevate while they are in service. I will tel veterans that use a cane or braces or a wheel chair about the clothing allowanceor about a adapted auto or adapted house Because I had to learn these things in the school of hard knocks I had to learn about Kfactors and L and M and all of the other factors that will allow a disabled veteran to live comfortable and with dignaty I wold tell a veteran to check with his state Veteran affairs office to see about tax exemptions and scholarships for his kids or hunting and fishing licenses. So Redleg to tell someone that I have three disability ratings andthat he may be entiled to additional benifits is not bragging, It is sharing hard earned knowledge with someone that you care about and when they learn the system you hope they will share that knowledge with another vet.Another thing many vets do not know , and that The DVA has the responsibility of getting your unit records when you submitt a claim for PTSD or Agent Orange. So Redleg ole buddy , If you sat there and listened to be bragg about all of the money I get from VA. and you haven't got your share yet. that makes you dummer than I thougt you were. By the way, Disability money is tax free so you won't have to give any to welfare mommas

Re: where are they.

Ah, Teri, cry me a river. If you got called a racist, it was because you sounded like one. As for being ridiculed on this board, go back and read the posts on Russ's board and then cry me another river.

Nobody ever tried to stop you from havinf or expressing your opinion. But in America, we don't have to accept an idea just because you have it.

And to tell you the truth, I simply never would have put your kid at risk to make the Iraqis free. Unlike you guys, I have never pretended that I cared enough about the Iraqis to kill one American mother's son to make the Iraqi's life better.

I would have been happy to have our folks smuggle in a lot of weaponry to help them if they decided to get up off of their asses and make themselves free, but I would never have killed a single American solider to do it for them. And please don't tell me that they could'nt possibly have taken Hussein out on their own - they have fought us well enough.

Re: where are they.

Just think all this started over a baited question about people hiding in a hole after the election.Not to mention it sounded as if someone was doing a little gloating over it. Grant what kind of reaction did you expect by posting a loaded question like that lol. JMHO

Re: where are they.

I don't know, Gary, we still haven't heard from old Duane. If he really believed even a tiny fraction of the claims that he posted about what would happen if Obama was elected, he may actually be hidden out in a hole someplace.

Or he may just be out somewhere practicing with his militia, getting ready to fend off the evil liberal hordes when they go storming into Montana.

Re: where are they.

Jack: Before he rushes to the state line to hold us back, he better be prepared to "hold off" his own neighbors. 47% of them voted for Obama.

Re: where are they.

Yeah, I know Bill. I kept watching, waiting for it to tip over to blue - I would have found that incredibly amusing.

Re: where are they.

The funny thing is that I would bet that Russ has a couple of 100% ratings himself ...

Well Jack you are right my rating is over 100%. HOWEVER that was NOT my question to Grant. And no I am not collecting two complete compensation checks from the gov'mint

My question was and still is, is Grant going to reunions and gleefully telling everyone that he collects two (2) separate 100% disabilities. One could I suppose get a rating of 500% BUT one can only receive compensation for 100%.

I asked Grant, after shaking his hand and welcoming him to the reunion, specifically if he was saying he collects two compensation checks. He said YES....

Now let me be clear here, Grant telling veterans what is available vis-a-vis military benefits is admiral and I applaud that. However I do not appreciate Grant or anyone dissembling false information.

I also agree with Grant on the stance of the 4th Infantry Division Association's penchant not to welcome veterans of color. I personally have generated thousands of membership applications filled out by 4th Div Nam vets that were gathered at a reunions in Washington and New York.

When NONE of those applications were ever used by the Assn to reach out to the thousands of membership applications filled out by 4th Div. vets I approached a 4th Div. Assn. member that I trusted and asked him why and I was told that the Assn was reticent to sent them out based on the race issue.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I am not all that enamored of the 4th Div. Assn. because of this and other issues.

However my issue with Grant is his position that the VA is there for his purpose to MINE it for every dime he can get and then boasting how much money he is able to game from the VA.

I accept my disability compensation humbly and am thankful and grateful that the American people are caring enough to provide a small disability stipend to help pay the bills.

It is the mind set of the Sharon Jaspers of the world that feel they are ENTITLED to game or mine the gov'mint for every dime they can, that disgusts me.

I will also clear up any misconceptions on this point also. If I have PROOF that any person, veteran or not, that is receiving any compensation that is not proscribed by law I will REPORT that person forthwith to the authorities, sans any consideration of that creeps skin tone....

I would have thought that each and everyone else on this BB would do likewise. Am I to believe that I'm thinking false and that there are people on this BB that feels that a veteran can with impunity 'embezzle' funds from the VA???

One more thing, everything is not about race. Just about everything on this BB of late is race positioned.

Re: where are they.

First of all keep in mind, the programs that Grant has listed (SMC) (CRSC) and others are Not available to all Veterans even if they are rated 100% P&T. Having said that Let me add this:

Speaking for myself, I do not tolerate any fraudulent claims nor would I ever partake in helping any Veteran file a Claim that I even thought smelled Fraudulent.

I have given my best advise and help to both young and old Veterans, I have always stressed if its not by the Book and I feel that its not on the Up and Up "Don't even talk to me about it"! Because there are to many Veterans in line that are Suffering with legitimate issues. Luckily I haven't came across any Veteran that is in it to simply take advantage of the Veterans System.

For me to do anything else but the Honest and Honorable thing would make me as much of a Thief and as a phoney as the person filing the Fraudulent Claim. I take Veterans Laws and this whole Veterans Issue thing Very Serious. Some have told me I take it too serious. But, For me that's the only way.

Be advised I am Speaking for myself and the way I have always Conducted Myself both in Business and Veterans Affairs.

Re: where are they.

I second pretty much everything that Jinks said. I fault no man for collecting whatever he qualifies for and absolutely will not willingly tolerate anything beyond that.

As for the race issue, Russ, it wasn't even on the table here until you, Duane and Teri brought it here - first in your virulence toward illegal immigrants (meaning Mexicans)and then in this election.

You have an unfortunate tendency to get incredibly angry at some person or small group of people and then to slop that anger over onto entire classes of human beings. I understand that it happens, not only with you, but with lots of people - but I have never been able to understand why.

My view has always been a simple one - if someone behaves badly - breaks the law, for example, deal with that person as required. But don't let your anger get away from you so that you start blaming everyone who shares characteristics with that person.

Think about it for a moment. If a person from Pennsylvania robs me or gets into a car crash that injures, or even kills someone that I love, would it be rational for me to start hating and cursing at all Pennsylvanians? That would, in fact, be nuts; it would be stupid on the face of it.

And in the same way, racism is stupid on the face of it.

Re: where are they.

jaqui i am not hoding from anyone least odf all you or any others on this board. i still believe that the ONES election will be the worst thing that has everhappened to this country. In Philidelphia on election day there were BLACK Black panthers in front of a polling place with clubs. they forced GOP POLL watchers from that polling place. The poll watchers were there legally. Amother incident CNN reporter brian todd was interviewing a black man named(if i remember orrectly) Ron jones asking questions about how the voting was going. Jones replied it was going so good he thought he'd come back and vote a couple of times. Then todd said"i dont think thats legal but thats ok" Now i wouldnt fault the black guy because he would never have been taught about one man one vote. It does show how the media was of the mindset anything goes so long as it benifits the ONE.
Now as far as you saying teri and russ are racist because we want AMERICAN laws enforced in regard to mexican illegally entering this country. there are a lot of amerocans who lost their lives because of drunken illegals. Not drunken americans. i know you like tyhe idea of law abiding americans being killed by terrorists illegals. But Most of us americans do not. Wait til the ONE Orders all american soldiers to throw down their weapons so they cant defend themselves.
Today the taliban and and al queda ordered him to surrender the United states or face more resitance. What will be his answer i submit he will say yes.

Re: where are they.

Same old Quano, still bat**** nuts. But hey, Quano, I wanted to ask you how it feels knowing that you are no longer safe in Montana? I mean, ****, man, 47% of the voters supported Obama. Doesn't that make you awful vulnerable, knowing that once Obama starts killing off all the Americans- as you have repeatedly assured us that he would - he has tons of help right there in your neighborhood?

Perhaps the thing that always suprises me most about you, Quano, is how you give whoever you perceive as liberal all kinds of super powers.

Sure, Black Panthers patrol voting stations - nobody would ever say anything about that, would they. And especially not the republican poll watchers stationed there. A black man makes a joke about voting being so easy that he might come back and do it again, and you give him the ability to sneak his way past the deputized poll worker checking Ids and the poll workers check the voting register, sure he could.

Same old Quano, same old black comedian(no pun or racial content intended.

Re: where are they.

I have never boasted that I receive two compensation payments from DVA in fact at the Time of the D.C. Reunion Iwas getting Compensation from VA and later By order of the President and after the work of liberal congress men and senators XCRSC was approved and I began receiving it. to correct the unfairness of not being able to draw military retirment pay and VA compensation. I now draw VA compensation and CRSC Crsc IS not retirment pay. it is a disability pay so yes I am receiving two legitimate disability checks and that is not boasting that is a fact that I try to inform veterans of. and now it has been approved for Medical retired veterans with less than twenty years and many veterans do not know this.And if it seems as if I am boasting when I try to explain it . then then I can only say that I am guilty. Because I am passionate about helping Veterans to get thier intitlements. But did I boast about not being able to get Scocial security disabilityafter paying into it all of my military career, because the last 5 years prior to my disability, I worked for a municipal even though I am entitled to SSI I do not get a check. Did I boast about the fact that I pay in to SBP my wife can not get both SBP and DIC together. There are things that I have learned , and I want to share that knowledge with Soldiers and Veterans and you want to call that boasting. well Brother there will be a lot less of my boasting at the 4th IDA reunions, Because I have decided to attend the reunions on the many other associations that I belong too such as the 1st ID and 1st CAv or berlin in Berlin every fourth year or the 4th IDA every 4th year at the homecoming reunions, when ther are more people of my complexion. But I will stay steadfast and loyal.

Re: where are they.

I'm Chapter 61, we were just included the first of this year.

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) provides tax-free monthly payments to eligible retired veterans with combat-related injuries. With CRSC you can receive both your full military retirement pay and your VA disability compensation, if the injury is combat-related.

Re: where are they.

Mad doc and jaqui i do not fear anyone else in this state of Montana. I have always said that everyone has the right to vote however they choose.
You and most every democrat even in montans feell differently.
In 2004 i told an opld man a dyed in the wool eugene debs democrat that i felt that Bush was doing the rightbthing in Iraq. thyat old mans jumped out of his chair and had he a gun in his hand he would have killed me right there and naturally like any democrat have thought nothing of it.
Now thisd guy was the exception that provess the rule.
Ninety eight percent have mo courage at all. even though thaey hate their neighbors who disagree with them they will take no direct action unless its in the dark.
But when the ONE gets his private army moving throughout this country democrats here just like you guys will point out their neighbors who have disagreed with them and excercised their freedoms. Just as you guys and girls here will do . You and they will watch their neighbors murdered at the hands of Hussiens islamic terrorists.

Re: where are they.

Gary. You are right, I should not gloat orer the poor miserable bigots. I should just say. Forgivethem father. They know not what they say.

Re: where are they.

Its the same old song - and old Quano just keeps singing along. Ya know, Quano, I used to think that you posted that kind of insane crap here in an effort to **** somebody off. But since you post this same kind of stuff over on Russ's board, I am not assuming that really are whacked out.

And since it is cruel to mess with damaged minds, I will ignore you now. Let me know if you ever have a real idea - about almost anything.