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99 names of Allah in Hindi script

Dear Friends,

There are many muslims in India today who can not read Arabic or Urdu. They have little access to some of the most beautiful things within the Islamic fold.

One of those beautiful things is knowing some of the great qualities of Allah. They are also not able to appreciate the beauty that can be experienced through zikr... and one of the easiest ways to do zikr is through a Hamd.

I have therefore tried to bring together the various beauties of Zikr, Allah's qualities and creations on a short video that has Allah's 99 names set to a Hamd rendered by Md Owais Raza Qadri and on a background of orchid flowers.

The script used is Devanagari, which most Indians are familiar with.

You can find it on

wassalam, owais (no relation to the famous hamdkhwan).