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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

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Re: GoldWing VS XII

I haven't had any problems with the seating on the GW. I'm 6', 240 lbs. The back rest helps. I put the new Pathfinder LED head lights in it, they are actually designed for the lenses and really put out the light. Don't get me wrong, I really like the GW. The Voyager was so simple and everything worked together, you can get to things so easy, starter, alternator, breather ( takes about 4 hrs for the wing) battery, rear wheel comes off with 5 lug nuts, just get it high enough to roil it out. Tire wear is the same for both. They do make shims to adjust the handle bars up about 1 1/2" and there isn't anything for it that you can't get. Built in nav is nice. I still believe that if Kaw had keep making them with a few changes through the years they would be selling like the GW. I do know that you can't find any 2016 GWs on the floor, and they are still a lot of 2014s and 2015 on the floors, at least in this area. There hasn't been any changes, I guess that's why people aren't buying new ones.
Ride Safe

Re: GoldWing VS XII

I really want to forget getting OLD!!!!

Re: GoldWing VS XII

Hank, maybe he is beginning to appreciate some of the comforts you get with a Lincoln vs the speed you get with a Ferrari. Some of us do.

But with the BMW RT, you get the best of both. Once I got rid of the stock seat, my RTs were better long distance bikes than my Voyagers. The new RTs are so nice that guys are trading in or selling their K1600GTs (closest thing BMW has to the wing) to get RTs.

Re: GoldWing VS XII

Pathfinder, I added Saeng micro swirl edging to the windshield. It gave it the classic look of the R100RT windshield factory edging, while having deflecting air capabilities like a taller screen. I agree on the seat, it was the only other think I changed on the R1150RT. It was a comfortable ride after that. The distance for parts and service was always a pain for me. I did learn about the bike and did all maintenance myself. I still have the seat,a Corbin, grey with red piping, excellent condition, if you hear anyone needing one for their R1150RT give me a shout? I also have the side cases, great condition.

Re: GoldWing VS XII

Beemerrider, I understand where you are coming from. After wandering afield (Triumph Rocket 3, Voyager 1700, Honda NT700V), I've come back to my dear old 2003 Voyager. I like the comfort and the wind protection versus the other bikes, and it is about 150lbs lighter and gets better gas mileage than the VTwin Voyager. I hope you keep riding, I'll be sorry to see you go!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, the 'Grey Lady', & 'Lil'Putt'

PS:If you want to go small & light, I'm planning to sell the NT this spring. It is NOT a BMW, however!!

Re: GoldWing VS XII

Thank you Hank S.