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Re: Help Needed

Possibility might be a vacuum leak where the carb boots attach to engine cylinders. Best way to check for leaks is to spray WD40 on the boots and if the engine revs up, you have a leak. If you do, tighten the clamps on the boots. Just an idea.

It's possible that the carb outlets aren't properly seated into the boots. If you're not careful, it's easy to get one side and mash the other side over instead of getting the outlet inside.

Re: Help Needed

Dave is correct. When installing carbs on a XII, you have to may sure all the boots are correctly sealed and springs are attached or it will run poorly.

Re: Help Needed

Thanks for the advice. I'll check this out as soon as it's warm enough to go outside without arctic gear on I am considering giving the local dealer a try, I know some people there, and have bought a couple of bikes from them. I talked to the service manager the other day, and he is willing to work on the 'lady'. All I need to do now is come up with the money. Again, thanks for your help. I will post updates when I have more info.

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