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Back from SFR

Got home about an hour ago. Small group but everyone had a good time. The Arizona contingent outnumbered the Texans.

Re: Back from SFR

Good evening all
Got home at 4 this afternoon. Had a good ride home. Stopped to see the Judge Roy Bean Law West of the Pecos museum. Had been past several times, but finally decided to stop.
Had a great time at the SFR. Great bunch of people. Was good to meet Richard.
And Dave, you forgot to thank Steven for the nice weather we had. A bit windy Thursday and Friday, but Saturday was nice.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Back from SFR

We got in Sunday evening about 7:00. Had a bit of excitement on Hwy 90 about 20 miles west of Marfa. Charlie's rear tire went flat with a hole that looked like it could be plugged but no one had a plug kit or compressor. After calling AAA, a wrecker picked up Charlie and his injured bike and deposited them at the Love's gas station in Van Horn. As the driver was unloading the bike, a couple of Mexican fellows came over to us and asked if we were planning to plug the tire. We told them we had no plug kit and intended to look around for one. He then said that if we liked they would plug it for us. They grabbed a bag out of their truck which contained a plug kit and a compressor, and after about 10 minutes the tire was repaired and ready to go! When Charlie asked how much, they said "no charge", and also refused to take a tip. We made it the rest of the way home without incident except for bucking headwinds the whole way. (So I have to ask you - were these two really angels sent to look after us? I have to think this is the case.)

Charlie spent the night here and continued on home, to arrive back about 3:00 this PM. All three of us had a good time in the Big Bend area.

Re: Back from SFR

I don't go anywhere without a plug kit and compressor.

Re: Back from SFR

I'm with Dave, I always have a plug kit and comp, sometimes I bring rain also. Glad to hear everyone had a good time. The guys around here have a lot of trips planned, that's why I didn't go this year. Will try to make the Bryan lunch run.
Steven D

Re: Back from SFR

Great story - you might see it again.