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Re: That coolant smell

Hi, RR!
That definitely changes things. I thought it was in your engine block. I am glad the JB Weld id holding, and I hope to see you down the road!
Ride safe & sane,
Hank S.
I know a BMW rider who poked a hole in his crankcase while crossing a river in Baja. He cleaned the case and patched it with JB Weld. It\'s still holding thousands of miles later. I\'ve since learned that there are two versions of JB Weld, the regular kind and a high temperature version. The regular supposedly will melt at high temperatures.
I didn't realize there was a High Temp JB Wield either. But I did look it up, cool. It's called High Heat. Claims 600 PSI at 400 deg F. Continuous heat up to 450 deg F! Just if anybody cares, LOL! I'm a JB Wield fan.