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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

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Rained about 2am, not now, probably later. 90% humidity, yesterday morning it was about 94%. At least that's going down. Ya' gotta love Texas!

Be Careful.
Ride Safe.

Keepin' the Gold Side Vertical!


Sky looks clear so far today. It cleared up yesterday in time for the parade and rodeo - should be good for today's rodeo also.

Have a great day, ride SAFE and Keep the Rubber Side Down!


Good Morning LSV.

79 with Rain and thunder.

Ya'll have a good day. Be safe.


Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

Good afternoon all
Made it back just before 1 this afternoon. A great ride down thru Colorado and thru Chama. Pretty scenery. Had a great time at the rally. Great rides, great scenery and great people.
I am starting my savings for the new Voyager.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

Got back about 1:30 Saturday afternoon, I know you folks down south probablt dont' want to hear this, but I prayed for rain just to cool things down some.
Was a great 1st AVA rally for wife & I. Hoping to make the August shin-dig, but not sure if wife will be ble to handle the heat. Cause a bit of problem going to RC, had a 2-3 hr delay to cool off.
Thinking the October blow out would be more suitable for her..........blow out is a bad choice of words, how about whing-ding.
Was great to finally meet some of the LSV'ers, can't wait to meet the rest of you folks now that the "%*#$@%""!!&* project is done on my part.

Ride Safe

Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

The ride between Chama and Espanola on 84 is one of my favorites.

RR, if you're saving for one of the new Voyagers, I think that savings account is going to draw lots of interest.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

RR didn't mean Voyager - he had a miss type and reaqlly meany Victory!

Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

OK, let's buzz some more...............

Just talked with Duane and RR is probably saving for new......dare I, because I don't want to jinx it .

What I DO know is that it will take a catastrophic event for me not to be at Bowling Green next year. I know it's a long way off but at least pencil it in. It's only abot 800 miles from NB to BG.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

In RR's defense, the young man from Kawasaki that was at the rally did in fact indicate the home office is seriously "in the process" (now what that means, who knows)of another Voyager or touring bike.
At least that's what I got sorted out of what all he said.......Sure hope so.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

'home office is seriously "in the process" of another Voyager or touring bike.'

Sounds like 09 at the earliest. And with that kind of wording, it might be a Vulcan with bags and trunk.

Well, the Beemer only has a bit over 9K on it so I probably won't be shopping for a while.

Re: Distance to Bowling Green

Gee, I didn't know New Braunfels was closer to BOwling Green than Austin. Mapblast shows the distance from Austin as a little over 900 miles. I guess it's shorter to drive southwest to NB and then head northeast to Bowling Green.

BTW, Bowling Grren in mid July isn't going to be much cooler than central Texas.

Re: Re: Distance to Bowling Green...duh!

My finger didn't get over far enough. You're right, it's about 900 miles, maybe 950 from NB.

We probably will be going to Louisina for a day or 2 before going the rest of the way to BG. Kinda like we did on the way to Ashville.

Got another graduation next year that we HAFTA go to in Wisconsin. Jeeeesh, tht too much planning so far in advance. Also, gotta work more next summer. We're going broke this summer

Gosh, it sounds like fum already!