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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

Motorcycle forum
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We got MORE rain on Thursday and Friday last week, so the family went to the lake. The lake was still 27 ft above normal pool, so we trailered up motorcycles and bicycles. We had a blast on all of them. We even got out the personal water thing-a-ma-jiggies for a couple hours yesterday.

That hurt a little. My son and his friend rode them for about two hours. It cost almost $50 to fill them up. I had to fill up both the 250 and the Voyager while there. We rode all day Saturday. Combined they only cost twenty dollars to fill up.

The only down side was I stumbled in to som poison oak on Saturday and now my arm itches!

Ride safe.


I can relate to the poison oak. Years ago while dirt biking in Oregon, I ran into poison ivy. Don't wanna do that again.

Y'all have a good day.

Be Careful.
Ride Safe.

Keepin' the Gold Side Vertical!