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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

Motorcycle forum
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Good Morning LSV LAND AND beyond.

72 heading for low 90's.
Rain heading in, predicted rain the rest of the week.

John got most of the yard mowed, side yard still to wet.

Have a good day. Ride safe.



70 here, headed for the low 90's. No chance for rain until this weekend.

Had a nice ride in town last night between 11:30 and twelve. I picked Mary up from the hospital and we putted around for a bit before coming home.

Ride Safe.


72 headed for 88 with a good chance of rain. Same ol' same ol'...........

I hope some of you have a chance to ride today. If so.......

Be Careful.
Ride Safe.

Keepin' The Gold Side Vertical!

Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

Had 4 1/2" of moisture yesterday! Snuck in an hours ride between showers. Almost made it home (two blocks away) before getting caught. Clear this morning with storms forecast for this afternoon. You can literally watch the grass grow!

Have a great day; Ride Safe; Keep the Rubber Side Down!

Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

We only had .62 inches but it came real quik (again). Gotta get the bike put back together & ride.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

Was that .62 inches OR 62 inches? ...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: GMLSV

There is a decimal there but we've already had a thread on your weak eyes.