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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

Motorcycle forum
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Hippi Ride

Nice folks. Good ride. Lsvers were Hippi, Dennis, me and a probable NV, Deb C. Beautiful day and good time.

A ride report will be in the next NL......which is.....? Richard, when do you need stuff by?

Newsletter guessing

I guess it needs to be published by 8/15, so I guess that I need to have articles in hand by about 8/11 - that's next Saturday. Right no, I have one article, so I'm also guessing a small newsletter.

Re: Newsletter guessing

You KNOW I gotta say will have something for you!

Re: Re: Newsletter guessing

I will have the TR to you by Monday.


Re: Re: Newsletter guessing

That goes without saying!! Wait, no that isn't right.
That is always said!! I think.


Re: Re: Re: Newsletter guessing