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We are the Lone Star Voyagers a chapter of the American Voyager Association. This open forum is for the members and guest of the LSV-AVA. Please feel free to use this service. Remember this is a family riding chapter.

Motorcycle forum
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I'm back!!!

First of all I would like to compliment everyone (xct h dsn't sm t fa m) . chad dd a gd jb !!!!!

$%#^@&%$*%*&$#@# !!!!

Re: I'm back!!!

Exactly what I would have said!!
Welcome back. How did Sandi take the time off with just you??? Is she OK? Was she able to keep you under control and pointed in the right direction??


Re: Re: I'm back!!!

Sandi is OK........still in charge!

Re: I'm back!!!

Glad you are back.


you were gone?

Re: you were gone?

See how well I have you trained!? You did sucha good job you didn't even notice.......maybe just a little? Com' had to miss me! Who did you pick on?