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Guess what I saw

Coming home from work today on Loop 337, I saw a GW pulling a small trailer...about the size of a large cooler. This trailer was pulling a camper trailer!!

It looked like the way to go for extra stuff!

Re: Guess what I saw

Did you get a pic?.........I'd like to see how the GW was rigged to pull a cooler trailer pulling a camper....

Re: Re: Guess what I saw

I have seen that rig- but I didn't have a camera

Re: Re: Guess what I saw

if it is the guy i know it is set up like a dolley when you pull 2 semi trailer he has a small gen coller keg grill the ball is mounted so waight of traileris on the dolley i camp with him i may have pic will look that was back about 2003 i think i rember houw will draw skech when can use right arm

Re: Re: Re: Guess what I saw

That's how it was done. He used the 'cooler' trailer like a dolly.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Guess what I saw

I have a dolly for my bike & Pop up Camper. Keeps all the weight off the bike. Only Problem is you feel like a freight train and 50 cars rolling down the highway.
And you get a little more jerking when speeding up or slowing down. It was designed and built by a guy in a wheelchare I met at that last Austin Road Riders Ralley they had in Burnett a few years ago. Can't think of his name.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Guess what I saw


Re: Guess what I saw

I jack-knifed my truck once. Rainy street, brakes just adjusted up on the truck, borrowed trailer with the brakes out of adjustment, idiot in a car deciding to abruptly stop in the middle of the street for no apparent reason (other than my perception of a hope for a big check from my insurance company). I slid past the side of them and into the ditch without making contact. I wasn't wearing a belt and bounced around in the cab like a ping pong ball.

That one experience keeps me from ever wanting to pull a trailer with my bike.