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Why Tango Is the Right Dance For You?

Tango is one exciting and lovable dance form that couples can enjoy undoubtedly. And what is better other then starting Tango Dance Classes NYC? Tango has a history that makes one really proud of learning this dance form. The 19th century was the beginning of many new dance forms like tango and salsa. This art form has received appreciation from people all over the world. There are various dance types of tango such as ballroom tango, Argentine tango, Finnish tango, Uruguayan tango and vintage tangos. Every tango style differs in steps and posture. Tango is one of the famous partner dances that are performed on tango music.

Tango originated in Argentina and Uruguay among the working-class people. In 1890s, Tango was a way to refer varieties of dance styles. It reached New York in the 1913s; even at that period close dancing was a little astounding to many viewers. That was one reason why the New York version had altered steps which had minimum body contact. This tango was later on known as Ballroom tango. Over the years, as public views changed so did the steps. The Argentine tango can be quoted as a good example of this change. In ballroom tango, the leader and follower have body contact only at the hips whereas in Argentine tango, the body is usually contacted either at the chest or hip.

Being a newcomer, tango is one dance form that portrays love and devotion at the same time. There is lot to learn in matters of style and moves. So, get ready to be the next show stunner at a party or ball.

Re: Why Tango Is the Right Dance For You?

I am a newcomer to tango but have to say it is rapidly becoming my favourite dance. Great article btw, very informative